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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I still seem to want to cling to the idea that I'm straight, but fuck it, I'm admitting that I've become bisexual and there doesn't seem to be any going back. I mean, honestly, I get aroused more by cocks than by women these days.

    I remember looking at cock pictures and gay porn when I was 20 and thinking how gross they were, and how lucky I was that I wasn't gay and didn't have the embarrassing misfortune of being turned on by my fellow men and their ugly penises instead of beautiful women and their tits.

    But I guess part of me wanted to be turned on by my fellow men. Part of me wanted to like dick, to shamefully lust after cum and muscles, and to have a confused body intent on spreading its seed into and onto other guys instead of fertile pussies. The thought of that was so naughty, so hot. I don't mean that I was a latent homosexual; I really wasn't aroused at all by the male body, just by the naughtiness of being -- or at least acting -- gay. So I kept trying gay porn, kept trying to see if I could like it. Could I get myself hard while looking at it? Could I cum? Could I do all that without thinking of women?

    The answers, after quite a bit of practice, all turned out to be yes. But I was surprised to discover that I'd actually propelled myself quite a bit farther. I still remember the time, though it was years ago now, that I suddenly noticed I was daydreaming about a naked bodybuilder and my cock was hard in my pants. That was when I realized that I and my body had started genuinely desiring dick, that I had become sexually attracted to the male body, as I had long feared and sought.

    Women are women; they have a beauty and an allure that men will never match. But men are so fucking hot! Our cocks! Our cocks! I remember seeing them as silly, ugly things dangling there between our legs, but now I can't help seeing them as gorgeous and compelling.

    So that's it. I'm bisexual. I like dick. Men make me hard and cause me to orgasm like a horny little girl. And I'm not going back to being straight. I've tried, but once you get a taste for cock, there's no going back. I'll always want it, I think. And why not? I don't really want to go back to being straight anyway. I just like dick too much and wouldn't want to give it up.

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    There is no shame in admitting that you get aroused by the male body. The penis is a male sex organ and there is an inherent appeal to it that some enjoy and others don't. I suppose the same could be said for saggy tits. Some find them more arousing than big tits. To each their own.
    9 days ago
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    I, too, was a young boy coming of age, with raging hormones, and flirted with homosexuality. I did not deny myself the pleasure of seeing naked men in all their splendor any less than I wanted to see the naked female body. In my secret world I got just as turned on looking at hard dicks as I did hairy pussies. But in my mind I wasn't a "fag". I considered myself open minded. What BS! If I were actually open minded I would have accepted that I was either bi or gay as much as I like dicks. My denial caused me to repress my latent homosexual desires. I eventually accepted myself as gay and no longer afraid to admit that I enjoy sex with another man more than I ever did with a woman. As a gay man it is no wondow how much dicks turn me on.
    9 days ago

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