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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I still seem to want to cling to the idea that I'm straight, but fuck it, I'm admitting that I've become bisexual and there doesn't seem to be any going back. I mean, honestly, I get aroused more by cocks than by women these days.

    I remember looking at cock pictures and gay porn when I was 20 and thinking how gross they were, and how lucky I was that I wasn't gay and didn't have the embarrassing misfortune of being turned on by my fellow men and their ugly penises instead of beautiful women and their tits.

    But I guess part of me wanted to be turned on by my fellow men. Part of me wanted to like dick, to shamefully lust after cum and muscles, and to have a confused body intent on spreading its seed into and onto other guys instead of fertile pussies. The thought of that was so naughty, so hot. I don't mean that I was a latent homosexual; I really wasn't aroused at all by the male body, just by the naughtiness of being -- or at least acting -- gay. So I kept trying gay porn, kept trying to see if I could like it. Could I get myself hard while looking at it? Could I cum? Could I do all that without thinking of women?

    The answers, after quite a bit of practice, all turned out to be yes. But I was surprised to discover that I'd actually propelled myself quite a bit farther. I still remember the time, though it was years ago now, that I suddenly noticed I was daydreaming about a naked bodybuilder and my cock was hard in my pants. That was when I realized that I and my body had started genuinely desiring dick, that I had become sexually attracted to the male body, as I had long feared and sought.

    Women are women; they have a beauty and an allure that men will never match. But men are so fucking hot! Our cocks! Our cocks! I remember seeing them as silly, ugly things dangling there between our legs, but now I can't help seeing them as gorgeous and compelling.

    So that's it. I'm bisexual. I like dick. Men make me hard and cause me to orgasm like a horny little girl. And I'm not going back to being straight. I've tried, but once you get a taste for cock, there's no going back. I'll always want it, I think. And why not? I don't really want to go back to being straight anyway. I just like dick too much and wouldn't want to give it up.

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    There is no shame in admitting that you get aroused by the male body. The penis is a male sex organ and there is an inherent appeal to it that some enjoy and others don't. I suppose the same could be said for saggy tits. Some find them more arousing than big tits. To each their own.
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    I, too, was a young boy coming of age, with raging hormones, and flirted with homosexuality. I did not deny myself the pleasure of seeing naked men in all their splendor any less than I wanted to see the naked female body. In my secret world I got just as turned on looking at hard dicks as I did hairy pussies. But in my mind I wasn't a "fag". I considered myself open minded. What BS! If I were actually open minded I would have accepted that I was either bi or gay as much as I like dicks. My denial caused me to repress my latent homosexual desires. I eventually accepted myself as gay and no longer afraid to admit that I enjoy sex with another man more than I ever did with a woman. As a gay man it is no wondow how much dicks turn me on.
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    I use to watch my mother get dressed for her dates. Every Saturday night, a new one would drive into our yard and honk and she would go to the door, open it wide wearing only Black lingerie and heavy makeup and say, “i’ll Be out in a minute”. She would finish her makeup, put on a sexy tight red dress and walk out to his car. She would come home half dressed around 2 am. I was bored and all this turned me on and I as soon as she left I would put on her black nylon panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. I felt sexy and very naughty and it was thrilling pretending to be her. I watched her put on “her face” as she called it and did a better job than she did. She was a brunette and dressed pin up style lingerie and makeup and I was blonde so her black eye makeup and red lipstick was o so slutty on me. I would put on one of her bullet bras and stuff it with black panties, she had lots of black lingerie and tight dresses and everything fit me. I would finish with a red sheath dress. Dressing like this, looking at myself in the mirror and walking around feeling the nylon under the rayon lining in the dress felt so
    sexy. I would open the front door wide and say “ I will be out in one minute”, go back and put on more makeup and then walk out to the front yard. This was a real turn on for me, wacky yes, but so be it, that’s just the way it was. I would walk around my house ( it was a two acre private house), Jack off, take off my dress and play prick tease games. I stopped this when I went to college but in my late twenties, I felt the urge to do wild things again and when away on business trips would go to gay bars wearing panties, short shorts and a ladies blouse tied in front. It was my way of sexually releasing my crossdressing sissy gay fantasies and it was fun. At first, I was picky who I let take me to the parking lot, But later in the evening was so turned on went out with anyone that asked. Pretending to be a woman, being played with and having a stiff cock shoved into my mouth really did it for me. Having guys in the front seat watching me suck cock in the back seat and waiting their turn really did it for me. I made sure all my dates were satisfied. One night I sucked off six guys on my knees while they all surrounded me, slowly stroking their stiff cocks and knowing they would be taken care of. I don’t know if watching my mother made me a gay sissy crossdresser but I am sure it had a lot to do with it.
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    I am very similar , love the female form and fucking , eating pussy but as I get older I enjoy watching gay porn and get very aroused by images of cocks cumming particularly in and over a guys bum . Many times I have wanked watching gay porn only to feel a little ashamed afterwards but I always go back for more ..

    Married guy from Western Australia
    27 days ago

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