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    Straight Female / 25

    My girl friend and I got mugged between the discotech and the parking lot where we had left the car. We where forced into a alley by five guys asking for money. I remember they stole $60, forced us to strip naked and sure we were going to get r**ed. It didn't happed because I guess they were only interested in seeing us naked. I remember we both got groped, finger fucked making jokes about witch one of us had better looking pussy. Stood bent over with our pussies wide open and them left us with ou clothes scatered on th ground. Fortunatly they left our hand bags with our car keys and got home with clothes on our backs. Till this day we both think we got off easy and unharmed.

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    Does remembering that sexually charged moment of fear and anxiety make you wet?
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    So you are disappointed that they didn't r**e you? What was the final verdict over better or worse pussy? Who won-you or your friend? By bending over,your pussies were wide open--did they used sterilized implements to do that or you both have them wide open anyway?
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    People with r**e fantasies are so stupid.

    You were not r**ed, but they still finger fucked you?

    You really think that you got easy and unharmed? You do think that way, because you have not experienced any of it, ever. Your own fantasy overshadows the reality.

    Rape is not about some unknown man sticking his dick in you. It is about ultimate power versus fear.

    You think way too objectively of a moment that when it happens goes so deep into the subject, or feelings. You are only thinking about the things that happened, not how they would actually feel.

    Your clothes and money were robbed and while you are there standing naked and they left you, after fingerfucking both of you and groping you, all you did was sigh and say "we got off so easy and unharmed", "okay lets go home. I'm so glad they didn't took our car keys." Bullshit! That is what you would say when you are not feeling fear.

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