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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I'm at home right now, sat on my bed recovering from a morning of intense and very hot gay sex. I've just had a shower, my second in an hour and I feel sexually drained and ecstatic all at the same time.
    My wife is in work, which gave Nathan and I the whole morning to kiss, caress, play with each others cocks and to suck each over off. Because Nathan is just as large as me, and is also totally versatile, we both fucked one another. The only difference, is I'm forty four and he's seventeen.

    Nathan is my wife's nephew and I've been having sex with him since the beginning of the year. I asked him to call by to pick up my old play station he wanted, and he arrived early. He caught me tossing myself off to gay porn and the rest as they say, is history.

    Instead of walking out, he asked me if he could take over from my right hand. I'd not had gay sex in years, but I knew given the opportunity he'd offered, I'd say yes. Nathan gave me a blow job and had me cumming in his mouith after only a short period of time. Wanting to reciprocate, I had him remove his trousers and boxers, only the young man didn't want to have me suck on his dick for long. I was already naked, so when he spun me around, I knew what he wanted and went to get some hand cream. The then sixteen year old fucked me on our couch from behind and it was absolutely awesome. It had been years, yet my arsehole still accepted his cock like it had only been the day before.
    And Nathan and I have been sucking and fucking ever since.

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