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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    When I was seventeen I went over to the United States with my dad to visit his best friend. I thought at the time I was pretty street wise and smoked weed. I also thought I could look after myself. So when they went to watch a baseball game, I stayed back and decided to score myself some Cannabis. Thinking I knew the area, I went the wrong way and ended up in a right shitty neighbourhood.

    After I'd been walking around for about quarter of an hour, four older black guys walked up to me and asked who I was. My English accent made them curious at first, and I thought I was going to be ok when they said they could sell me some weed. Entering an old derelict house, I was instantly gripped and within a matter of only seconds I had my clothing tore off me as I tried to fight them. Two huge knives were shown to me and one guy told me if I didn't suck them all off, I'd feel the blades enter my asshole.

    Shitting myself, I went down on one guy sucking in his cock as best as I thought I could. The others watched and took out their dicks, encouraging their friend to fuck my mouth as they laughed. One after another I sucked on their black dicks. None of them was really big, but one guy had a really thick cock, and I struggled to suck his cock in. He got angry and said my asshole would be better. That's when I began to fight again.

    I was hit several times, and kicked hard in the head. Kneeling on the rubble strewn floor as blood flowed from my nose, I felt the black guys cock touch my arsehole, then his cock entered me. It hurt like a bitch and I tried to move. But the other men held me and my arsehole began to receive a very fast and hard fucking. It wasn't pleasant and I didn't at first enjoy any of it. To be honest I was in that much pain, I didn't even know he'd withdrawn and cum on my back.

    I did know though when each of the other men entered and fucked me. It did strangely get easier as the second guys cock seemed to enter my arsehole with less pain. By the time he pulled out to get me to open my mouth to receive his cum, I was actually beginning to like the feeling his cock was giving me.

    The third guy lasted only seconds and he came on the floor behind me, but the last man, the youngest of the gang took his time and fucked me in long slow strokes. by then the others were bored and had wandered off into another room. Yet I wasn't going anywhere, as my arsehole was feeling alive, making me want him to fuck me deeper. pushing back onto his cock, he told me my asshole was his and he thrust into me harder. Not able to stop myself, I came without even touching my cock and he yelled out he was cumming too. Pulling out at the last minute, he spun me around and he too came all over my face and into my mouth.

    Minuts passed as I collected my clothing and I thought they'd gone. About to get up and walk out, the youngest guy walked back in, tossed me a clear plastic bag full of weed and said "This didn't happen white boy. But if you want that ass fucking again, you know where we are".

    By the time my dad and his friend arrived back at his friends home, I'd taken a shower and had smoked two joints. My arsehole was sore, but and I genuinely mean this, I'd at the end of my ordeal, thoroughly enjoyed being fucked. It messed with my head for a few days, and at one point I very nearly told my dad and his friend about what had happened. I was already in trouble for smoking weed and for supposedly fighting with a guy in a park over my accent, so I let it go.

    I didn't return to the neighbourhood, but I did see the youngest guy in a grocery shop two days later. He bolted when he saw my dad and my dads friend, and my dads friend asked me if he was the guy who I'd fought with. I lied and said he was with the guy who I had a fight with. My dad's friend said I was lucky as they were real bad guys.

    Back at home weeks later, I got a text message from my dads mate. He wanted to know if I'd really had a fight. When I asked why, he replied "The young black guy called by and gave me some money. Said to send it to you" It wasn't much, but it did come with a brief message "Sorry dude".

    The experience that day made me realize some things. It made me realize I wasn't a hard person. It made me realize I wasn't that street wise either, and it also made me understand I ultimately really enjoyed being fucked. Nearly a year to the day we came back from the States I met a black guy who I'd connected with off the internet. We booked into the hotel around lunch time and didn't come out until it was dark. I spent hours having amazing sex with him, and took every inch of his eight inch black shiny thick cock, deep up my white boy arsehole. And it's and arsehole and mouth, which has now enjoyed many a hard cock, both black and white.

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    Appreciate you sharing your experience. I could relate with you on several points. At 22 I thought that I was street wise and tough. That was put to the test by a big, older queer. It began by my letting him suck my dick. I was thinking how cool am I with getting a blowjob by a big, older man. My toughness went out the window when he wanted me to suck him off or take it up my ass. There was no way out and I was scared shitless. What put me in fear the most was when he pulled down his pants to reveal a big cock. It looked like it would rip me apart if it went up my ass. Not wanting him to get pissed off, I didn't hestite telling him that I would suck his dick. Hearing myself tell him that I resolved myself to the matter and took his dick in my mouth on my own. He wasn't rough at all. I just sucked his dick the way I like mine sucked and I was getting turned on by it. Soon I forgot all about he made me do it and I was enjoying how his big dick felt in my mouth. It crossed my mind that I actually wouldn't mind sucking dick again and sucked his dick that much more. I didn't care that he could see how much I liked it. I was so into it that when he started to cum I just kept sucking and swallowed his cum. Truth be told, it turned me on like crazy when he started cunming my mouth. I was telling myself to suck that dick good. Make that dick cum. To me swallowing his cum was a part of sucking his dick. I was caught up in the moment. I was a little disappointed when he finished. I wasn't so tough that a man made me suck his dick and took a liking with it.

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