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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I am 42, tax attorney and work out of New York. I had to travel to London on a case and as I left my apartment a man saw that I had a cab and I had my suitcases and asked me which airport I was going to. It turned out that he was also traveling to London and he suggested we share the cab. I don't usually do anything like that but in the moment and knowing I would be seeing him on the plane I agreed.

    He talked and asked questions, I answered but not really. At the airport we went to British Air and he was also in Business Class and we checked in and walked to the lounge before boarding. We were now friends or something and I had to sit with him and have a drink in the lounge. I mentioned to him a couple of times that I had to get some work done and he ignored me.

    On the plane we were close but at least not together. When we got to London I offboarded as fast as I could, I had carry on only and headed to immigration. When I got to passport control I realized I had left my passport on the plane in the seat pocket. I was headed back to the plane and I ran into my friend again and he decided to wait for me to get back to the plane and retrieve my passport. Another shared cab and a reluctant agreement to meet for dinner that evening.

    We ate early because of the time change, we had some wine with dinner and he suggested we walk back to our hotels, we were a mile or so away and our hotels were a couple of blocks apart. At his hotel which came up first he suggested that what I needed was a good massage. Standing stunned he told me he gave great massages, he had picked it up along with Yoga and for me to come up to his room. I followed, what can I say.

    In his room he told me to take my shoes off and lay on my stomach on the bed and he worked on my back and shoulders. He did know what he was doing and soon he was doing my thighs and then with a short warning he put his hands on my buttocks and with further warnings about laying still he massaged my butt, deep muscle massage. He suggested that if I took my pants off I would enjoy it more and I lay in my underwear and he slipped his hands under my underwear and massaged my butt, alternating with long massages of the back of my thighs.

    I turned over and he worked on my neck and pecks, and then in one move he grabbed my cock in his hand and when I resisted he said he would massage that too. Within a second he had my cock in his hand and mouth and was giving me a blowjob. This was like nothing I had ever experienced, long hard sucking with hard tongue massage followed by long hand massage getting me into a hard state until he made me ejaculate after which he went and got a towel from the bathroom and cleaned me off.

    He told me not to be embarrassed, there were only two people that knew and he got undressed and insisted on taking off my boxers and he asked me if I wanted to do the honors or if I wanted him to do the honors. It took me several minutes to understand what he was talking about, he told me that he very much preferred if I did the honors but seeing as I was new to this he would do the honors and later I could reciprocate. I held his cock in my hand and hesitantly I sucked on him a bit, he had me turn over and using some warm jellies he gave me a prostate massage and said he was going to give me the coup de grace and I felt him insert his cock in me. He asked me repeatedly if I enjoyed it and I had to say yes.

    On the way out of his room, dressed again and still embarrassed he asked for a kiss at the door. I told him he was crazy and he insisted holding me by the hand and he kissed me in the doorway.

    He lives in the building next door to mine in New York, he works for an investment banking firm and he takes up a lot of my free time. There are cameras everywhere and somehow he has gotten me to kiss with him in the subway platform late at night, to go with him to bars I would never have walked into. To agree to go with him to the Maldives on a vacation. I leaned that he likes for me to do the honors, and I have learned to enjoy taking his cock into my mouth and work him into a happy ending. He is a consummate masseur.

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