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    Yesterday was kind of an emotional day. The iPhone I had for 6 year had to be put to rest. I have been taking it to a cell phone & computer repair shop for the last 2 years. The guy who runs it knows I was looking at a lot of porn on it. So he tells me to come back at 6pm when he is closing. So I come back and he closes his store up and tells me the bad news. Then he has other iPhone that are current and so I plunk down $250 for and I Phone SE64GB. Then he led me to the back room where my old IPhone was laying on a towel on a table with a roll of toilet paper nearby. He said âYou can remove your clothes if you want and set them in the chair. I can help you if you likeâ.

    So I said âyesâ and I removed my shoes and socks and then removed my shirt and then he took off my shorts and I went over to the table and he gave me some oil and I set my dick on my old iPhone and rubbed my dick up and down on it holding my ass cheeks. After several minutes I squirted my load all over it and the towel. He took off some toilet paper and pressed it against my dick and I then took hold of it and sat down. He then wrapped the iPhone up in the towel and took a hammer to it and then placed it in a plastic bag. I got dressed and left.

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