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    Straight Male / 29

    In January my wife and her mom Andrea said they'd like to speak to me. Usually we'd go out for something to eat, if we had a family chat to have. Unusually my wife said we should go to her moms. Andrea was dressed very seductively when we got there, and within minutes I was given a whisky and told to listen.
    My wife explained her mom hadn't had sex in a long time, and that she'd struggled to keep up with my libido. In a very matter of fact way my wife said "So we'd like you to take care of my moms needs from now on". When my jaw rebounded off the floor and I didn't say anything, my wife added "Look, all we want you do is to enjoy yourself and fuck my mom".
    With my wife listening to music in the garden, I had my mother in laws mouth wrapped round my cock and Andrea was fucking amazing at giving head. She's no looker, nor is she going to win any body of the year contest, but over the next hour, I licked sucked and fucked with Andrea until she'd climaxed half a dozen times and I'd cum twice.
    Literally as I'd just cum all over her moms face, the second time orgasming, my wife walked in. As if she was telling me my dinner was ready, she said we should make the situation a regular thing and I should visit her mom, when and if she or I was horny.
    Switching on the tv, my wife sat down, asked her mom to take me to the bathroom and said we'd be going in half an hour. It gave Andrea and me enough time to get horny again in the shower, and for my mother in law to take my cock up her asshole. The first time in her life she'd had anal sex.
    Andrea and I have more sex than I do with my wife, and quite often I now stay over at her home overnight fucking her. She's lost lots of weight and now has a fantastic figure. Plus and it's big plus for me, my mother in law now adores being fucked up her asshole, just as much as she does her mouth and pussy.

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    What gives? 11 have read and think it's juicy but I am the first to comment. Does this mean the other 10, like me, don't believe this happened either?
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    If it's real ,be prepared to your wife fucking some other bloke.She has done you and her mother a favour so she is going to expect you to reciprocate and her mother can;t reprimand her now.She could have watched you in action.

    Did your M in L scream after the first ever anal penetration?
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    The pipe dream of the ages...

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