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    Straight Female / 22

    I met up with Connie for lunch last week and saw her for the first time in eight years. Between 2008 an 2010 she was my very best friend. Her father was from Germany and had no conscience about anyone seeing him naked or exposed in some way. The more familiar I became at the time with her parents the more I saw this mans privates and he made no effort to cover himself. Connie was so used to it I doubt she payed much attention to him after awhile but me and a few of our other girlfriends were bombarded by his nudity around their house. He would wear a bathrobe most of the time but it was never drawn closed and his genitals were always exposed. He made it seem like it was normal and other girls I knew that saw him like that joked about it behind Connie's back. I remember asking Connie about her father and was he always like that. She assured me he was a great dad but did say she saw him naked all the time and he would shower while she used the toilet and that he saw her naked often. It didn't seem to bother her at all and she denied he ever touched her. If Connie and I were in her bedroom playing, which we were often, I could see into her fathers room where many times he was fully naked. At the time I didn't think about it much but after Connie and her parents moved in 2010 it finally occurred to me how often he had an erection when I looked at him. I'm sure other friends had to see him with erections but I never once ever saw him masturbate. At lunch last week I asked Connie if her dad still went around with his stuff showing. She laughed saying he has never changed and just said he was a riot. Riot is a funny word for an exhibitionist which I am sure that's what he is. I was only 12 to 13 when it went on and remember thinking if I was going to see his penis when I went to see Connie. At that age it was fascinating to me that a man would let everyone see his privates. My dad was the complete opposite of that and I might have seen my dad in underwear but even that was rare. For close to 2 years I saw her fathers genitals almost every time I was there and saw him naked numerous times. Another strange thing is her mother never seemed to care about it either. I never said anything about her father to my parents and knew they would have forbidden me going there. So I must have wanted to look at him in those days but won't admit it.

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    How close did he get when erect? Was there ever an occasion when his hard cock was right in your face?

    Were you ever alone with him? Did you touch it? Were you at least tempted to?

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