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    Straight Male / 45

    So a few months ago i decided to act on my fantasy of sucking a cock.
    Much to my surprise i really enjoyed feeling a dick get hard in my mouth.
    So since then i have become quite the cum dumpster for guys i pick up at bars.
    It took a few dicks but now i can deep throat like a champ.
    I dont care if i go behind the bar. Or out to someones car,
    I crave a big load every day. What is fun is there are no names no talking
    Just give me that cock and let me suck it dry.
    Today i went into this bar seen a guy that i wanted to blow. So i sat next to him at bar. Had a beer and a shot, he had on some gym shorts that were a little revealing i could see he was packing something good. So me not being shy i put my hand on his thigh. He looked and smiled so i knew he did not object to me touching him.
    So i orderd another beer and continued to slide my hand up his thigh.
    I could feel his big head i was getting excited. I may have been salavating a little.

    By this time my dick was rock hard, i took a handful of his dick. And it was very large and thick. I contiued to play with it for a while then i looked at him and said lets go outside
    I have to suck that big beast.
    At this point i was pre cumming in my pants. We went out to his car. He wanted to drive. I could not care what he did just so long as i could engulf that beast.

    He hardly had it in reverse before i had his dick out. I was thrilled to finally suck a big dick. I did not hesitate to take that big head in my mouth. I teased him a little by licking around it sucking it in and out of my mouth. Then i would take it down to his balls. He was finally starting to get hard. I was having a tuff time taking it all when he got hard.

    But i was determined to take it. I got about half of it down but thats as far as i could go.
    So after about 10 min. Of that i came up for air. We were on some country back road. I said find a place to pull over.

    He found a nice little spot just off road. I got out layed on hood of car with my head hanging off. He slid his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. I just let him do his thing. I figured in this position he could go deep and deep he went.

    I was gagging and my eyes were watering. But i was enjoying each hard deep thrust.
    After that it was not going to be long before he gave me what i was craving.
    I felt that big beast start to throb i knew it was coming. He let out a huge spurt followed by at least 6 more good blasts. He filled my mouth up so much it almost started coming out.
    I squeezed every drop out. Thank you stranger for that big delicious load.

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    Thank you for sharing. I am so jealous. Married, white man here.

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