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    Straight Female / 26

    I dated a guy when I was 20 and on our third date he asked me about having sex. I hadn't done it for while and we decide to do it in his car. I remember we parked in a dark area of the parking lot and the stick shift and hand brake getting on way. Frostrated he pulled me out of the car and sat me on the front fender completly nude. !Jesus! "I'm naked" I told him as he began sucking my pussy with my legs wide open, looking around for anyone watching. His tongue felt so good and got me so horny I reached a point I didn't care anymore. He sucked the life out of and then fucked all the way to blood rushing orgasm. As if that wasen't enough embarrassment, he made suck him off kneeling on the ground totally un clothed. I remember sucking him hard so he would cum fast and get back in the car. He finally, swallow it all crawled back in the car. It was the wildest thing I had ever done and still remember the adrenaling rush and racing haert beat.

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    !Wow! My boy friend did a similar thing to me. He loves having sex outdoors but I,m always starck naked and he just pulls his pants down half way and fucks me. He knows I embarrassed about being naked out in the open and terrified of being caught by strangers, but that's just what excites him. We did once in a rain forest up in an observation tower. He sucked my pussy sitting on the top steps with my legs wide open, bare as naked and then sucked him off. Did it in a rush to get my clothes back on. Then he picked up all my clothes ran back down the tower telling me "I'll wait for you in the parking lot. Couldn't do anything else but streak down that tower and hoping not to humiliated myself publicly. Made it down the tower but got cuaght half way to the parking lot by three couples coming up the trail. Remember diyng of embarrassement watching their hubbies or boy friends looking at my bare tits and down to my pussy. I bared it all thay day and open for the world to see. Never got in car so fast. I'll never know why I didn't kill my boy friend that day. Maybe it was becuase I got caught by strangers I wouldn't see ever in my life and the experince was kind of kinky. Then my boy friend had the nerve to asked if it sexually turned me on.

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