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    I'm married for many years to my second husband. The first few years the sexy was pretty good I thought. As time went by, sex began to dwindle and when we had sex it was me giving him a blow job and then Frank would tell me he would give me an IOU.

    Well eventually I got tired of his IOU's and I would rebuff his sexual advances, after all I was getting nothing from sex. This went on for about a year and then one day I found out that my husband was being charged with sexual harassment at work. He lost his job of course and it came out this woman and Frank were having sex.

    I thought about divorce but to be honest I was comfortable and I wasn't ready to go through another divorce proceeding again. I told Frank we would stay together but we would be nothing more than glorified roommates! He would take care of me or I would take care of him in divorce court.

    Since my husband loves his money more than anyone, he wasn't about to rock the boat. We have been this way for a few years now. I'm still in pretty excellent shape and I can get a guy very easily.

    One day out of the blue I get a call from my ex brother in law from my first marriage. Rick and I had remained friends after I divorced his brother. I was forced into divorce because Rick's brother became addicted to pain killers after a accident at work.

    Rick said he was going to be in town and he wanted to know if he could come by and see me. It had been many years since I had seen Rick. I told Rick I wanted to see him very much and I would be happy to see him again.

    A few weeks later Rick arrived at my door and I was so happy to see him. Frank knew about Rick of course but they hadn't met before. I had dinner ready and Rick stayed, we talked over dinner and after dinner. It was getting late and Rick needed to get to his hotel. I told Rick just to stay here and save some money. At first he argued with me but Rick knows I always get my way sooner or later.

    I showed Rick his bedroom and the bathroom for him to shower. We sat on the back porch afterwards and talked until after midnight! When we got ready for bed the bedroom I stayed in was not the bedroom where my husband slept. Rick seemed to pick up on it but I didn't say anything then and I let it go for now.

    The next day my husband Frank went to play golf and that's when I took Rick for lunch and told him everything going on with my husband, so then I explained I didn't sleep in the same bedroom with Frank since I found out about his affair at work.

    It was after midnight when Rick and I called it a night, I know I talked his ears off but Rick didn't seem to mind one bit, we always got along when I was married to his brother. My husband had gone to bed earlier, it didn't bother me in the slightest.

    Rick took a shower and went to bed, I followed suite a short time later. I went to my bedroom and dried my hair, eventually going to bed and lying there wide awake. I got out of bed without turning the light on and walked out into the hallway. The house was pitch dark and silent.

    I stood in the hallway and looked at the other bedroom door where Rick was staying. In the darkness I fumbled for the doorknob and turned it slowly. I pushed the door open and slipped inside the bedroom, closing the door as quietly as I could.

    I stood at the foot of Rick's bed, I could hear him breathing evenly, he was sound asleep I knew. I reached for the terry cloth belt of my robe and slipped it off my shoulders, it fell silently around my bare feet.

    It suddenly occurred to me the age difference, I was fifty years old and Rick was thirty eight. Even with the room pitch black, how would he react? I climbed onto the bed slowly and slipped under the covers next to Rick.

    By the time I felt his warm body Rick jumped, I put my hand to his mouth and whispered into his ear. Rick lay back down and I literally crawled on top of him. I couldn't see his face in the darkness, no idea what he thought. I put my mouth to his and kissed him. At first there was no response from his mouth, I pushed my tongue into his mouth, Rick's hands came around me, his tongue reacted to mine.

    We started to kiss, gently at first. His mouth was inviting, Rick started to kiss me back and with more intensity. His warm hands slid up my naked back and I could feel the goosebumps all over my body. I kissed Rick hard and he responded, he pulled my body against his warm chest.

    I could already feel my body tingle, it had been a very long time since I had been with any man. Even my husband didn't make me tingle like this. Suddenly Rick rolled me onto my back, his body on top of me, his tongue deep in my mouth. My hands went around his back, I spread my legs and I could feel his hard cock against my mound.

    I pushed Rick away, pushed him downwards, he knew what I wanted. I bit my lip so hard I tasted blood when I felt his tongue slide into my pussy. I clawed at Rick's neck and shoulders, I was going to cum. I wanted to scream when I climaxed, I held Rick's head tightly and grinded my pussy against Rick's mouth. I wanted to drown him with my cum, I could feel my wetness pouring out of my pussy.

    I squirmed away, pushed Rick onto his back, I took hold of Rick's hard cock and began to suck it for everything I had. Rick groaned rather loudly, I didn't even care now. I had forgot how much I loved sucking and licking a nice hard cock.

    I tasted the salty flavor of Rick's cock, I knew he was as aroused as I was. I took him deeply and felt his body squirm. I was so hot and I was needy, I crawled on Rick, straddled his waist. Reaching back I found the object of my desire, kneeling up I guided Rick's cock into my wet pussy.

    I rode Rick's thick cock and I climaxed like a teenager within moments. I dug my nails into his bare chest, another orgasm ripping though my loins. Now I was moaning with pleasure and again I didn't care. If Frank walked in right now I wouldn't have stopped until I came again.

    Rick suddenly flipped me onto my back, he was between my legs instantly. He spread my legs and pushed his hard cock into my pussy. I bit my lip again as the pleasure of his cock filling my pussy sent me over the edge. Rick fucked me slowly, oh I wished I could see his delicious cock going into my pussy.

    I wanted to scream so bad, I was cumming, then cumming again moments later. Rick leaned over and kissed me with his cock buried inside of me. I clawed his back and shoulders, Rick grunted with pain and pleasure. I whispered into Rick's ear to fuck me faster. Suddenly he pulled out of me, took my hand, pulled me onto the carpet beside the bed.

    Rick rammed his cock inside of my pussy, and I wanted to faint with pleasure. His softness was gone, his hips jack hammered me. The sound of our flesh seemed to echo off the bedroom walls, neither of us cared who heard us now. He pounded me into submission and for once I didn't care.

    Rick whispered he was going to cum, he raised up as if he were going to pull out. I grabbed his ass and held him. Rick lowered himself down and kissed me again. his hips thrust into me so hard it took my breath away. I felt Rick cum, his thick cock pulsating inside of my pussy.

    I felt the warmth of his cum filling me, and then I climaxed again. Rick kept fucking me until his hardness began to wane, I didn't want it to end. I wanted more from Rick but I should be thankful to get what I got. Rick helped me to my feet, standing there making out with his cum running down my thighs.

    I found my robe in the darkness and put the robe around me. Rick kissed me again at the door, I didn't want to go back to my bedroom. He could have kissed me and I would have cum again I know.

    Rick stayed two more days, I made Rick fuck me three more times and I have no regrets and I have no guilt. My husband decided to fuck around on me than I can do the same, maybe one day I will tell him.

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    Do you honestly think Frank or anyone really gives a shit? You got laid once in how many years? Maybe you will come around and be a good sex partner even Frank can enjoy.

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