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    Straight Female / 45

    my masturbation sessions involve me using my hand or object and rubbing my clit and watching porn with horny couples in weird settings fucking. for some reason its way sexier with bed noises and longer the better. more baby more. do deep that's it love hearing her ride and moan.

    I go find a few good porn shows and put them on all at once and then grab a picture of my crush and touch myself til I cum.

    I wish I could see him. We are worlds apart cut apart by class and wealth and intellect. He is a wealthy surgeon and I am a welfare loser studying crap and a nobody so the other women tell me. "as if he would want you"! they say. so I left. and been fucking him in my daily life via masturbation for other 5 or more years. he probably has long forgotten me and would see me as fat ugly old sag bag.

    I still blame that indian slut for this. she didn't want me to have him and made sure as she sent me to him as a doctor I would never be able to have a relationship with him. cunning whore slut indian dogbeasts. I hope they all die in hell soon. They re so rude indians.

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    they will blow them selves up soon
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    She just happened to be an Indian.

    Why do you consider yourself a fat,ugly,old sag bag? If you are overweight,you can always remedy that.If you are not that,why worry and give him so much importance? You will get somebody else.You are not old to not get somebody else. So don't denigrate yourself and don't consider that "Indian Slut" so larger than life.
    How did you get in touch with her anyway?
    There are many patients who have got married to their doctors.Real love does cross
    boundaries of class,wealth and intellect.In fact he married below his station by marrying an Indian woman.As if she had a class! This is the best argument against class conflict.
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    #1,here they seem to have blown up this woman' brain and something in her southern hemisphere as well.

    This is an obvious case of envy and sour gr**es.She is conceding that she is worthless and so is ranting about class,being a crap ,loser,fat,old,ugly sag bag( not necessarily in that order). Wealth also is an important element here.

    Who told her to live as a welfare loser,studying crap and a nobody?

    A confession indeed of her being a total failure.She needs counselling,dieting, treatment for depression.

    Granted that Asians are doing well but how and why?Their parents work hard and see to it that the children get the best education and spouses. We have stupid concepts of parental control,wrong ideas about personal freedom and lag behind,except for the people like the surgeon mentioned here.

    While I do sympathize with her sentiments,she has brought it all upon herself.

    and be careful about racial rant.People can still track you down and report you.
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    Try a dildo( why there is no mention of penetration) as well as clitoral stimulation . Or advertise on adult dating sites.

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