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    Straight Male / 28

    In high school the two prettiest girls were best friends. They were both in my home room. Val and vickie, were always together. Vickie even got sent home one day for having too short a skirt. she came back and made it very plain to all the girls, and even let me peek, that she was not wearing underwear. Her black pussy hair against her milky skin got me so hard I couldn't get up from my desk. She and Val were laughing about it everytime they saw me. Val was prettier, taller, and the most off-limits. Vickie was semi-approachable but I was beneath her league. She and Val spread it all around and girls and guys were laughing that I had the balls to ask her out. Needless to say she never accepted.

    That was 12 years ago, I am quite frankly, rather rich now. I was lucky, I worked hard, got scholarships to Ivy League and met many rich friends who became backers. I worked more, had a few ideeas that worked and the friends to back them. So it's not all me. I haven't had a lot of time to meet women, usually I just fuck bar sluts from upscale bars, or even hire call girls. I have an apartment in a very nice bldg, and never understood why just 2 doors down there was a scraggy, strung out meth whore. I heard a past lover bought her the place, and left when he got her too strung out. She barely can pay her bills, she talks to me when she's somewhat coherent. She is skinny, obviously over-used, empty small tits and makes no bones about showing her pussy and ass to get me to fuck her. I finally thought why not, and did it. She sucks like a vacuum hose, is an OK fuck and does my favorite whenever I want it, anal sex.

    I regularly abuse this worn out slut, and make her do all kinds of kinky shit just to get money for her bills, and sometimes for her meth. It was a month before I realized this meth whore was Vickie from high school. She still doesn't know that it's me, probably wouldn't remember but when I make her parade around naked, and bend her over in front of the apartment window and get fucked in the ass, I'm gonna remind her. I use this worn out pussy in all kinds of ways, she's nothing but a few holes to cum in. She truly is a cum dump for me. I even make her answer to "Hole" when I call her. Then I'm going to remind her just how far she's fallen, when I show her some pictures of her and Val from high school, while in front of a window my cock is pushing in and out of her dirty, used asshole.

    This is going to be fun

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    You're a piece of shit. She has nothing left and you want to take her even lower??? Should she kill herself?? A girl that took this path in life was very likely m****ted as a child. You're an intelligent successful man. Help her straighten out and get fit. Your meth whore is a human being!!! If this story is even true that is. Piece of shit. You're far lower than her and you don't even know it.
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    payback is fun, wear that pussy out. fuck the first person who answer you . keep fucking the meth hoe.
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    payback is fun, wear that pussy out. fuck the first person who answer you . keep fucking the meth hoe.
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    you should get her healthy again so you can fuck a better version of her closer to the high school version you wanted
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    Toss her an extra $5, go ass to mouth and show her the pictures right after you pull your clean dick out of her mouth.
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    What a bunch of fucking degenerates. Be grateful for your success, but never forget that your good fortune could also change in an instant. After all the abuse and humiliation wouldn't it be ironic if she managed to get her shit together, become a nurses aid, right around the time that you found out your have prostate cancer, and she is assisting a nurse in the hospital you go for treatments? Karma is a bitch, and obviously she's had a rough go, but don't think you are above it coming back around.
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    When do you plan to reveal your knowledge of her identity? Do you think she might remember you and keeps quiet to keep the money coming? Do you plan to keep on fucking her ass after she knows you know? Think you'll come back to give us the details of her reaction?
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    Do you keep in touch with any of your high school friends? Think any of them had a bad experience with her and might want to have a go at and for old times sake?

    Drug whores are usually pretty cheap. How much does she charge? Does she swallow?
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    The original post comes from a disgusting excuse for a man, and what is more troubling is the amount of conscience-free support he gets from other assholes, except one or two who are so much better than that,...the "kick 'em when they're down" syndrome that is so prevalent these days, often makes me totally ashamed of my 'gender' and is a true indicator of why there are so many Lesbian relationships...I mean who can blame them, if these "real men" arfe anything to go by...
    12 days ago

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