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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    I got divorced and I moved into a small house with my son. My kids was in fourth grade and one evening this man came to my house and asked to speak with me. He was with the local scouting group and he told me that they had been told that my fourth grader might want to join the cub scouts. This was the first I had heard about it but he assured me that he had told a boy who was in scouting that he would want to join.

    My son joined and although he was just a cub scout there were plenty of activities that were hard for me to do with him, among them camping. The man, I will now have to call him John, John offered to take him camping with him and his son. John offered to help me clean up the back yard of my house, using our sons as labor. John took my car into the shop for me to get the struts fixed so I wouldn't have to deal with the mechanics. John helped me find a tutor for my son. John had me suck his penis.

    Yes I sucked his penis one afternoon in the bathroom when the boys were at a den meeting. John fucked me in the bathroom. John called me his baby doll. John liked to grab me from behind and feel me up. John liked to grab my tits. John came over at odd hours and fucked me. John liked me to get on my knees in the kitchen and suck his penis. On my knees, unzip his pants, take out his penis and suck him in the kitchen. I got the message.

    John helped me buy another car. John arranged for me to use the miles he had accumulated with American Airlines to join him on vacation in Florida. John stood on the balcony overlooking the pool and I kneeled on the floor and sucked his penis. I bent over the balcony in the evening and he fucked me while we looked down at the pool. John bought me a nice necklace while we were on vacation.

    If you are a man's wife everyone expects you to suck his penis. If you suck his penis and you are not his wife then you are a mistress, or a sugar baby, or the very best thing maybe a girlfriend. But when you suck his penis and take his money you are whore. He paid me, or gave me money. I sucked his penis because he gave me money, I felt obligated to do something. The more I sucked his penis and the more I let him fuck me the more money I got, including the car and the vacation.

    I got called out by my sister. She is the one that calls me a whore and stop pretending that I was his girlfriend and I sure wasn't his mistress. After so many months the whole thing cooled off, the money stopped, the gifts stopped, the help stopped, I had to make arrangements to get my son to scouts, we had a casual arrangement. His wife was back in the picture and the affair was over.

    In the neighborhood I was the girlfriend, I never considered myself a mistress because he was separated, and I wasn't supported so I wasn't a sugar baby. What I was, was a whore who sucked his penis and fucked him for money. If he had never started to spend money on me I would never have gotten on the bathroom floor and sucked his penis. If he wasn't offering to pay for my car I wouldn't have gotten on the kitchen floor and sucked his penis. If he hadn't paid for the vacation I wouldn't gave gotten on my knees and sucked his penis overlooking the pool.

    My sister didn't call me a whore because it was my first time. It is not the first time I was a whore, I have a weakness for men with money. My son's father was my sugar daddy, and the baby was a major inconvenience and he still holds it against me. He pays child support but he doesn't want much to do with my son. Out of site is out of mind.

    I have always gotten men to pay for me. And when they do I have sex with them.

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    When your sugar daddy knocked you up, was it an accident or a plan to put hooks in him for 18 years?
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    Don't be so hard on yourself. Did you at least enjoy the sex?
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    Are you pro level at giving head? How much for a one time BJ without the fake relationship?
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    So, whatâs new?
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    The nomenclature, "whore" is perfectly descriptive and should be followed by a large
    "so what?"

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