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    Straight Female / 32

    I cheated on my husband with the guy who mows our lawn. My husband works a lot and hired a guy to do the yard work this summer so he could spend more time with our son on the weekends.

    The guy is in college 22 years old and he has a super hot body. His face is ok but I love to watch him with his shirt off working. He has 6 pack abs and big arms.

    Anyway one really hot day I don’t think he realized I was home and after he finished mowing he stripped naked and took a dip in our pool. We live out in the country so we have a very secluded property. I got so wet looking at his hot body. He has a tight muscular butt and a very impressive cock. I thought about him all that week and the next time he came over I invited him in after he finished mowing

    I told him I saw him in the pool and as he was apologizing for swimming without permission I went up to him and kissed him. I then led him upstairs to the shower so I could wash off his sweaty body. I stripped him naked and removed my clothes. We made out furiously in the shower and ran our hands all over each other’s bodies.

    I then got on my knees and sucked that big hard dick to its full hardness. After he was hard I bent over at the waist leaned against the shower glass and let him pound my pussy hard and fast. He surprisingly had a lot of stamina and made me cum twice which was amazing. I had not cum in so long. I finished him off with my mouth and swallowed his big load.

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    I hope he finds out & does the same to you. Your a cheating c**t.
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    I hope he finds out & does the same to you. Your a cheating c**t.
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    Good for you to get what you wanted and obviously needed. Made me wish I mowed your lawn. Ignore that self-righteous bastard who posted the original comment.
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    Thanks. This is the poster. I appreciate your comment #3. Thanks for not judging
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    O.P., just make sure he does not invite his friends.Variety is the spice of life and yet there are risks involved in having multiple partners .Eventually ,your hubby will discover your"social activities".Enjoy discreetly .I am sure you have this young man's( you aren't old anyway) phone number and meet him somewhere ,where your best friends won't know you are meeting him.

    Keep us posted.Don't disappoint us with just this post.Happy weekend.
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    I become hard just by reading this story.Why did you have to suck his dick to let it achieve the optimum erection? Was he nervous,which explains the inadequate response of his Mr.JOhn?
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    I plan to mow your lawn in the future.
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    You obviously enjoyed yourself and don't seem to be burdened with guilt. Do you plan to keep on fucking the help until summer is over? Plan on playing away from home? If you play at his place, do you think you'll let his roommates have some MILF pussy and oral?
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    He will treat you as a town slut and share you with his friends.Video recording will be the next and you will find yourself on some porn channel videos.

    You are being cautioned.Get out of this and stay loyal to your husband.

    Variety comes with a price tag.
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    You seem to have collected more than your share of pontificating moralists. I'm not one, but I do have a lawn mower sharpened and ready to roll.

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