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    Straight Female / 33

    I'm a very open minded woman, me and my husband watch porn about 4 times a week, I love seeing some young girl getting lots of cock usually by some black studs who all cum in her! and she always looks like she is enjoying it.
    I commented this to my husband and he said, "would you really like to have all of those cock inside you one after the other" I said I wondered what it would be like to have all that attention.
    One day he came in and said I got some news for you and did I still fancy getting fucked by a complete stranger, I explained I didn't and wouldn't go behind his back and be unfaithful to him but yes I always wondered what it would be like.
    Ok he said I think there is a way and left it at that, that night we watch some fantastic porn and made love while the film was playing, them he said he sent an email to attend a sex party and if I still fancied it, he will buy the tickets!
    You could have knocked me over with a feather! show me the email, and he did! I sat there looking at it and as if to call his bluff I said, go on then buy two tickets then went to the loo, I came back and said well have you got them and he said yes and showed me the receipt! and it was for 4 weeks time!
    A masquerades ball with dinner and the company was called swingfields, we got there and there was an official meet and greet and it was made quite clear that no phones or cameras were allowed and no names would be exchanged, we had a wonderful dinner and everyone sort of disappeared into another room.
    We did after a couple more mins to be greeted by people having sex right in front of us, it was an amazing sight, totally unprohibited and no one cared, we walk around looking and found a quite corner, my husband said quite a few of the men had already given me the once over! we sat down and started kissing, I still felt like everyone's eyes was me but after a couple of mins of having my tits sucked my inhibitions was leaving me.
    I began not to care and started touching and wanking my husbands cock, it was like playing in a film! it was so out there!
    My husband lay me down and parted my legs feeding his cock in me, and after a minute or so we were joined by two other men, they sort of nodded to my husband and one of them started rubbing my breasts, it felt so good, the other one had presented his cock to my lips and was rubbing it on them, I couldn't help it, I started licking his shaft and noticed it tasted sort of salty!
    I knew then he had been in someone else and I was now sucking it!
    My husband cum inside me and pulled out, he was replaced by the other guy who was rubbing my tits! his cock slid right up my spunky hole!
    The guy I was sucking grabbed his cock and spunked all over my lips and face, he left to be replaced by my husband who I sucked like a pro! I could taste the other guys cum too as I licked a lot of up!
    My husband shot his cum in my mouth and the guy fucking me unloaded his cock into me too.
    A woman came over touching my husband who was still erect, she was soon sucking his cock and it was a hell of a sight as it was the first time I had seen another woman do that with him! she stopped, mounted him and fucked him for all she was worth!
    Meanwhile another guy had introduced himself to my pussy and I was being fucked again while watching this woman bounce up and down on his cock.
    I counted all the guys who had me that night, I had 10 of them, some of them came back for seconds, they all had me bareback too!
    My husband had at least as many women as I had men, we were both absolutely plastered in cum!
    At the end of the night we had a shower said goodnight to everyone who was still there and drove home, it was the most sexually charged night I have ever had.
    My husband and I plan to go to another one as we thoroughly enjoyed it, and of course totally anonymously!

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    Did you try eating a pussy while you were there? Clean up a stranger's creampie?
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    I did yes! The thing is no one cares! so you can do what you like, there was even one guy sucking a cock, couldn't imagine my hubby doing that though! but he go down on several woman so he must have tasted other mens cum on them, as I did.
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    Did any of the other women service you? Clean the cum out of your pussy? Did you enjoy it? Did they make you cum?
  • 4
    Did anyone try for anal?

    I saw where you said you ate a cream pie or two. Were you getting fucked while you ate?

    You say you handled ten men. Was it one after another? Did you start the evening pulling a continuous train?
  • 5
    How big do you estimate the biggest cock you serviced was?

    Different races in the mix?
  • 6
    How big? I suppose 8 inches and yes it was sort of one after the other and they all asked beforehand, no there were all white to answer the last one but I wouldn't have minded if there was a black guy there, or two!
    Yes I did get licked by a couple of girls that were there, it felt really nice, wouldn't mind it again!
    The good thing about all this is that you can stop and leave anytime you like, but you can only go outside twice and re-enter the action! anymore than that and you stay out!
    Definitely going to another one though.
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    Did you get spitroasted? Swallow any loads other than your husband's?

    Was there some sort of locker room to get naked in before moving to the play room? Was sex allowed there? Or in the showers?
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    Had there been a well hung black guy or two, would you have pursued them for the porn fantasy you've watched on TV so many times? Or would you have waited and hoped they chose you to service them?

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