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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I have always loved and respected my dad. I know the sacfriices he has made, and I appreciate those sacrifices and benefiting from their resulting successes. My father has always been open and honest with me which instilled a trust few people ever experience. Although our conversations regarding sex had always been academic, frank and honest we had never talked detailed sexual activities until last year. As a result, my father has become my very best friend and someone who I can say/share anything or any details about my life - personally, professionally, educationally and sexually.

    Last year dad and I drove some 7 hours away to a NFL game. One of dad's clients had 6 reserved seats for our favorite NFL team and had offered dad 2 tickets. Dad and I drove to meet the two owners, their attorney and his son for a weekend. We arrived late Friday ngiht, had an early breakfast then a round of golf, lunch, a tour of the city and dinner at one of the finest restaurants in town. Sunday morning we had an early breakfast, the 4 men had a business meeting, me and the 16 year old attorney's son went to an arcade. We had lunch and onto the stadium. As soon as the game was over, dad and I left for our long drive back home.

    A few hours later Dad and I stopped for a burger and I took the wheel to give dad a break. We were listening to the radio, it was quiet and out of the blue dad asked which of the two owners did I suspect of being gay? I was shocked, as the question came from no where, and I was shocked as I had no idea which one was gay since neither manifested gay characteristics. Then dad told me they were both gay and were married. We talked about them for some time and then dad assked me if my college friend, who is gay, had ever sucked my cock? I told him no and dad said, why not? Has he not hit on you? Before I could deny both when dad said, best blow jobs of my life come from men.

    As strong a relationship as we had, we had never talked this openly about sex, especailly gay sex. I asked, have you let guys suck your dick and my dad responded with a fast, strong, Oh Hell Yeah I have and if you haven't, you have no idea what your missing. 8:30PM, driving a deserted Intersate at 75 miles per hour my dad asmits he like it when men suck his dick. I asked if either of the two owners had ever sucked him and he said, no. If they were to ask I would unzipp before them could get their mouth opened - either one, or both.

    For the remainder of that trip and the last year my dad and I have had some indepth, detailaed conversations regarding gay, bisexual, straight and group sex. My gay college has not sucked my dick because he talks too much. I am not ashamed I am bi, but I don't want it broadcast - if you get my drift. My dad and I are both bisexual and we know the first time the other had gay and straight sex. Dad admitted how clumsey he was the first time he had sex with a woman and he bisexual husband. He said when the man went down on dad his dick was barely hard as he was uncomfortable doing it in front of his wife. When she started squiring (multiple times) everywhere that he was able to relax and then he and the guy did a 69 while she played with he pussy.

    Dad was shocked as the man I sucked when I was in high school and the first time I got pussy was from a neighbor girl who was 6 years older than me. We have watched the same porn (straght and gay) while he talk on the phone and masturbate. Since I live 5 hours from dad when we are together there are others around 9most of the time0, so our one-on-one time is none sexual. We have beaat off together and may had done more had it been under different circumstances. My dad wants us to DP some pussy and ass and to take turns on some married, bi, jock dudes ass pussy.

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    The year I turned 12 my sister left home for college on the east coast. So, I was home alone from 3:30 until my parents came home between 6 and 7. It was May of my senior year in high school that I Came home and, as usual, grabbed a soda and went to me bedroom to watch porn and jack off. Since there were no vehicles in the drive I no reason so think either of my parents were home. However, a water issue at dad's office building resulted in all the officed being shut down for 2 days. Being the prudent man my dad is, he dropped his car off early afternoon for service to be picked up the next morning. My parnets bedroom is on the oppostite side of the house to mine and my sisters so I had no idea dad was taking a nap. After about 20 minutes I was boned like a piece of steel as I watched gay porn when I looked in m dresser mirror and saw my dad standing in the hallway. When he relized I sw him he walked in telling me it was cool that he had watched some porn and jacked off when he got home. Then he told me it was kay to be turned on the gay sex, as all men experiment at some point in their lives. Long story short dad set beside me in my bed and we jacked off to a major orgasim. While I was wipping up dad changed it to an all male threeway and started pulling on his semi soft cock again. This time we jacked each other off and the next morning we jacked each other off before I eft for school. That is when he asked if I wanted to skip school and explore some sexual activities. The first time I put my dad's cock in my mouth he blew instantly and there was so much I could not swallow fast enough. Dad was weak once he finsihed and was actually short of breath the orgasm was so intense. That was 8 years ago and dad and I share sex as often as we can get together alone.

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