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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 49

    Growing up gay,

    Back in the day during the summer we sometimes got permission to go to the matinee movie in town. My buddy and I would ride our bikes downtown and go to the movies and if we were lucky we had money to buy something at the candy stand. Midway thru the movie I had to pee so I went down to the bathroom and when I went in this man walked in behind me and told me to hurry up. The bathroom was a one toilet affair and I should have been alone but the man was there pressuring me to go. He got fed up with me and got behind me and pulled my zipper down and took out my penis and held it for me and told me to pee. When I finished he held my penis with his hands and rubbed his fingers up and down holding me tight against him. He then said he had to pee and unzipped his pants and had me stand beside him while he peed into the toilet. He took my hand and he told me to grab his penis and help him squeeze the last drop out. He told me I was a good boy and to go and enjoy the movie.

    My encounter with the man remained a secret for me, good for masturbation at night when I was alone. I can still see in my minds eye his penis in my hand and feel with my memories his hand on my penis. I have masturbated to that memory all my life.

    As I grew up I always took the opportunity to look at other boys' penises or at men when they were in the bathroom. I wasn't ashamed at my small penis, but I relished seeing an older man with a large penis urinate beside me. I had feelings of touching them and even in those days of sucking them. I finally sucked a boy at school one afternoon at his house. He was a little pervert and once I sucked him he bossed me around and invited me to his house to suck his penis in his room. His parents were divorced and he was a latchkey kid and all through the seventh and eighth grade I could go over to his house and suck him. I liked that he bossed me around and other kids would tell me to tell him off. But I liked it and I liked going to his house to suck his penis.

    He and I were out riding our bikes when we came across this man in the park and he told the man to show us his penis. The man did what we asked and he took out his ugly old penis and we got a good look at it and we went right back to his house and I sucked him and had my first wet experience, ejaculating in my pants while I sucked him. On the way back home I rode my bike back thru the park and stopped and talked to the old man. He asked me if I was back because I liked his cock and he walked back into the tree line and I followed him and he took out his penis and he told me I could suck his cock if I wanted to. I don't thing up to then I had ever wanted to suck a penis as bad as I did that evening.

    He was a retired man who lived on the other side of the park and I went to the park to see him and after a while he told me to come over to his house because someone might see us in the park. In his house we were able to suck each other he was able to have sex with me. I liked it more than I can say, I liked it from the very first time and he and I had our time together long after I started driving all the way until I finished high school.

    In college it was my Art History teacher and after college I sucked off the department head at the company I was working for. I lost my job in a layoff, but he put me up at his house and I became his 'house boy' and I got into fitness and training as he had a gym room in his house. The sex was incredible, it was constant and the sky was the limit. He was far more inventive than me or as he would tell me it wasn't his first time so he had seen and done a lot. My stint as a house boy lasted a couple of years and then he got me a job working for one of his friends at this Marketing company where I worked as a proof reader.

    It was hard turning 30 and having to grow up and learn to be on my own, to support myself. My 'daddy' helped me a lot and we stayed tight but as time passed he insisted that I learn to live on what I earned. My relationship with him slowly stopped, I met some of his friends and had some wild experiences and eventually settled down with the man I live with now that I am older. Of all of my experiences the one that stands out the most was that afternoon in the movie theater in our small town. I was a gay boy and I fell in love with cock and I still get a buzz standing beside a man while he pees at a urinal. If the man would let me I would gladly reach over and help him squeeze the last drop out.

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    Like you my first experience with a man as a boy was in a public toilet , I was busting for a per and ran in there quickly and started to piss at the urinal when a man stood by me I didn't look but carried on pissing, Suddenly he coughed loudly and said in a low harsh voice "hey look at this boy" I turned and he had his cock in his hand facing me he was slowly rubbing it as I stood there watching unsure what to do, He took my hand and led me into a cubicle and locked the door I was in a haze as he sat and pulled my short trousers down and my underpants in one movement he grabbed my bum with his hard rough hands and took my at that time small dick in his mouth as his hands squeezed and stroked my bum I was enjoying the feelings he was giving me, I remember the smell of Brylcreme on his hair mixed with the smell of disinfectant and stale piss of the toilets as well as stale cigarette smoke, My mind was in a whirl his fingers pulled my bum cheeks apart and I felt a finger circle my bumhole it made me gasp loudly it felt so good, Suddenly he stopped stood up and told me to sit on the toilet and open my mouth he started to rub himself fast and then shot his cum into my mouth and onto my face, He finished zipped up gave me some money and left quickly, I was hooked on men and only men and being used by them purely for sex I had a particular liking for dirty old men and I learnt how to spot those who liked young boys and lost my anal virginity to one at his house on my 13th birthday bent over his kitchen table after he had given me a prolonged rimming and tongue fucking, As I grew older my love of older men grew any man over 50+ got me interested and my first serious relationship was with a 54 year old when I was 16 he was so virile he'd fuck me at any opportunity even at the risk of getting caught even in my father's shed one afternoon, He shared me with some of his freinds at times in threesomes on those days I was fucked rotten front and back, My present boyfriend is 80 and has a lovely cock which i adore and ride it often he's a very dirty old man who loves fucking me in his room at the old folks home where he lives and he tells me what other men say about me as he fucks me and how they want to fuck me too and how he'd love to watch them gang fuck me and who knows I might let him arrange it one day.

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