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    Straight Female / 54

    So to start off I am a BBW. My Husband and I had been invited to my Sisters outdoor park wedding. On the day of the wedding my Husband and I awoke and followed our usual routine. Getting cleaned up and drinking coffee. I wore my green and black full to my ankles length dress with black heels, thigh high suntan stockings, no panties. After about two hours and 4 cups of coffee we used the bathroom and hoped in the car and headed for the wedding a 4.5 hour drive away.

    After about 3.0 hours into the drive I was starting to feel the need to pee. By hour 4 the feeling was starting to get a bit urgent but manageable. By the time we arrived at the wedding 45 mins later a public park I was in a very urgent almost desperate need to pee. I had no choice but to say my hellos and such then headed for the bathroom only to arrive and find the wedding party has taken over both bathrooms and told I had to wait.

    20 mins later the bride and bridal party come out off the bathroom saying they are open now but both stalls are clogged and unusable. I almost peed myself right then an there but managed to hold it back and wondered what I was going to do. I found my husband and told him my problem. just then we were all told to take our place in the grass form the ceremony.

    As this was being announced I dribbled a little out of what was now a very desperate need to pee. As My Husband and I walked to our places in the grass I lost control and dribbled 2 more times but through squeezing was able to keep it contained inside my pussy lips but could feel the moisture about to escape out of my pussy lips at the end of my crack. just then the bridal march started and my sister started walking down the Isle.

    I could hold it no longer dribbled again and could feel it start to escape my pussy crack. I did not want to get my stockings wet and was standing in the grass. Remember my dress was ankle length and I had no panties on. So I slightly spread my legs. At the same time as my sister was walking by me on her way to the alter. If you were to look under my dress I was standing there full pee stream flowing out of my pussy peeing in the grass out of desperation. I am just glad no one noticed at the end my husband figured out what I had done when he said lets find you a toilet and I said no longer a problem went during the ceremony. he said what do you mean and I said I stood right there and peed in the grass as my sister was walking by.

    The thought of what I had done and pictures it put in his head. Turned him on so much we made love three times that night. the first time in the woods before we ever left the park once in a rest area and then the best of the bunch at home that night after I peed for him just standing there like I had at the wedding on the bathroom floor so he could see the puddle.

    Now I am thinking about peeing in public for him again but this time wearing a dress or skirt that stops at my knees so he can see the pee stream coming out from under my hem line.

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    It wasn't a wedding but on a trip, terrible toilets at a rest stop and no one else around, I told my husband not to look and took off my panties, handed them to him, and squatted and peed. He looked, then licked me to 2 orgasms and fucked me in the front seat to 2 more. Now I pee for him, in private in public every chance we get. After 14 years together it has him fucking me like when we first started.
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    I dated a woman a few years ago and we were at the beach. We had our spot on the beach quite a ways from the bathrooms. She told me she had to pee but didn't think she was going to make it. I told her just to pee in the ocean, not something I would normally do. The surf was a bit high and she asked if I would walk out with her, which I did. We stood there and a wave made her lose her balance just as she was peeing. She turned against me as the wave splashed over us both. The weird thing was I suddenly got excited at feeling her pee against me. Long story short, she got off on it as well. Many times I would put my hand in the crotch of her bathing suit and feel her peeing. We would go home and have sex.

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