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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Retired I started mall walking early in the morning. I found that the man who works at Kay Jewelers walked early too. We started pairing up and walking together. That one day we went to the men's room together made things difficult. We walked but we stopped talking.

    Then he called, said it was his day off and if I was free we could meet for lunch. We met at Chipotle at his suggestion. We small talked and then he came out, telling me he was gay but he was pretty sure I wasn't. Well I confessed I wasn't but was that a reason we couldn't be friends?

    We walked most days, we got together when he was off. I told him I was open to experimenting with my sexuality, with him. I confesses to early experimentation when I was a kid. I had to sit and tell him a convincing, albeit made up story of mutual cock sucking with my neighbor. He disbelieved me but put me to the test. If I had really sucked my childhood neighbor then I should be able to do it again. I did suck him and didn't stop. He sucked me and we then sucked together. I lied, I had sucked cock for a long time, since I was in my thirties. He is my type, men like him have always been my type, I saw him walking and started hoping to hook up with him.

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