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    Straight Male / 49

    I am such a dirty cum whore. I was in a mood to swallow as much hot thick cum as i could.
    I decided to be the pivot man tonight for eleven guys. I never knew how easy it was to just get guys to fuck your mouth. I frequent this gay bar as much as i can. I am now well known for being the dick drainer. Thats all i will do is suck cock or cocks. I enjoy the feel of a cum explosion hitting my throat.
    I also enjoy feeling that meat get hard as i suck it. Before i actually decided i was going to suck my first dick i bought a good size dildo to practice on. I wanted to make sure that when that day came i could handle a big fat cock. Took me a month or so to finally take the dildo all the way without puking. I did that for two weeks. And then it was time. This bar i am talking about there are two guys there that are hung like a bull.

    So tonight i rounded up 11 guys. And took two of them outside at a time saving the two hung guys for last. Most of them had good size meat. The first two loads were a little small but tastey.

    The next six were big thick loads i was chewing it. I could not believe what a cum junkie i was being but i can not get enough of the stuff. So as i came down to the last of them i was looking forward to my two last big cocks. I knew with them i was going to be getting a lot of what i desired. Also they fuck my throat hard and that turns me on. I aspire to one day suck and swallow fifty cocks. The thought of that makes my cock drip.

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