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    I spent seven years overseas. One thing is true, American women forgot how to be women. It seems that all I get is in your face aggressive and unladylike behavior and attitude. It is a turn off. I worked with female engineers and lawyers overseas, who never stopped being women, ladies. Fact is after knowing the difference I married a Colombian lady, a successful lawyer and I am moving to Bogota to run a new business.

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    It needed to be said. I have been saying for years that American women act more like men and American men act more like women. While this is a generalization, it appears to be widespread.
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    I am not a feminist but it could be a defensive mechanism.A dog who is paranoid,just bites.No denigration meant her,just comparing how animals( and we are biped animals) respond when they perceive any threat.

    Of course,it could be due to a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of gender equality.
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    Feminism pretending to be fomenting equality has gone off the rails. There is no equality, and thank God for that. While women claw themselves into the male role it would be good for them to remember a man does not want or need another man in the house.

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