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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    we flew across the seas to our island paradise, and at the beginning I hated the idea but grew to like it. That was when I had a few run ins with my step dad at the age of 13 and then finally, or fine anally he rode me like a wild horse and tamed me. Since getting my mother pregnant he started to take notice more of me and its like a lovers dream here, my mother doesn't know what she did the day she found out she was expecting triplets to her half uncle and cousins kid, that her mother doesn't know is related to her late husband. But so it happens that after some digging we found out the truth why mother and co, wanted to come here to the island, and she had been having a full blown affair with this guy and its not like she had ever said "oh that is a bucket lista" to visit in the future so we thought it was strange she wanted to move here so quickly, we had holidays here many times and her relationship was well under way. Mother has been very busy and now it seems step dad has found out some treacle about the cove herself. I make no bars about it, my mother is a jail bird like her mother and father and she was the one getting dad to banana me to screw me up so she could have an excuse to run out of town and away from our dad. Well when I found out she was pregnant and I would have a step sibling I was shitty. I cussed and whined and wanted to live with my dad and I might still but since a few months now have past and mother is showing hugely pregnant he was been making eyes over at my legs, playing games of emotional chase me catch me and wanted me to embrace the step daddy thing and I resisted. Then I saw a way to beef my mother and I wanted to, for many a reason for all she has done to her other family members. Now I have the pussy power and no doubt he will be making eyes at my older sister who he was teaching to drive and she was mean to him. I am just 12 when this started of leg tickles and games that maternity fatz thought was sweet family bonding while older sis was out shaking pussy with her twinkies gang bangs and drugging it up. I could get pregnant before my older sister? that might shock them both and I feel like the race is on inside of me as sexually my step daddy turns me on like a rocket. a few weeks ago a serious incident happened with him falling over in the field while fatz was in town and my older sis and I were frolicking sexily around in mini skirt school dresses and we decided to play out that porn scene and we both fucked our new daddy and he pretended to lay unconscious. My bad older sis as wild as she is rode him first but I was riding new daddy before she was and I used to love watching fatz and him have sex often in the windows like the farmers daughters porn and it goes on a lot here on the island afterall, not much else to do then, chase some wilds, have a cone or two or bong or ice is huge with sis, and fatz, and watch others fuck and check out some new hot banger tourists. sure fatz and step daddy big daddy have a drug scam going on here plus other porn making. so I have watched and seen their party nights turn curbs of sexual decadence in costume that wouldn't plough the field harder and longer then my big sis!

    anyway, since that afternoon, my sis and daddy I think are on as well, she knows I am pregnant and so is fatz mommy and she is so so so jealous. so naturally she started showing more ass around him and grabbing his dick in the pool when fatz mamma thinks we are one big happy fam, she so busy in the shed with the livestock wat would she know is going on, til daddy and us get caught ! sis will get caught in the sheds at night when her and new daddy sneak out. they find new spots every night, we used to make excuses to go take some tourists to town for the night and then I was 12 and he would pork me nicely til my pussy was pulsing wet in the back seat down by the arches and watch the sunset waters and no soul around. we sure did find paradise.

    what will fatz mamma-baby triplet drama do when she catches big sis in the sheds with big daddy. I am not as jealous now as I was because we are all having babies to him now. and big sis might come around too and she will leave or she will end up murdered by fatz, I keep my secrets but big sis don't, anyway, we agreed if we get pregnant we can hide it and go back to our real dad or grandma or aunty and have the babies and it be covered up, or sis knows someone near by on main land who will take us in but she runs a brothel and I don't know if I want that. my sister is wayward more then me, she is the fighter as well. let her run to dad knocked up because I had his banana and she might as well too.

    fatz mamma drama is gonna get her shocking briefs blown off like dad wanted her underpants draws, soon and I hope it hurts her. I do. sorry mamma but I do! I want that cock too! it means war! his cock is our war! it will be no fuckers islands for you mamma but work with babies and livestock and tourists to shake up for.

    I put my age 18 here and I am bi- like sis and mamma and granmama. bi is part of the play of our folk. its so sexy its naughty but nice fucking step daddy behind fatz mammas back. sis knows it too! she knows the feeling how good it is. fatz mamma always said to us chicks, "you go stuff up them relatives lives and make em look like turkeys and chickens cuz we are bunching along with rolling in our cashhhh, devils praise" and all, she wronged so many people she knows how good it feels to hurt some one bad and sexy it is. oooh, mi, ooh yeh, fatz mamma done fucked good to all, so that I watch her laying out for daddy and step daddy and I was so horny and wanted some too like sis, then she know hurt too! I just say now "I love my new daddy ma, I do " and hug him and she don't even know what we do! haha! she say "we one big happy family now here in paradise" and I say "hey really honey honky happy ma" and wink at step daddy. and sis was so jealous til she was getting some cock. so its war for all. cock for all or for won (wongy) and all?

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    this is impossible to understand
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    Yeah, what kind of individual, or, what kind of heritage does the op come from? I do have a good clue!

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