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    Generally I have taken time with my wife, helping develop her sexuality at a reasonable pace. We've come a long way actually. In the past couple years we have ventured into anal.. Training with butt plugs etc. We practice light bdsm, and she is submissive to me. We've attempted anal sex a few times, although as intercourse it has not been often, usually just fingers and tongue which she likes. Until recently we've never had full anal intercourse where it was long enough for me to cum properly. The pain usually stops us from going the distance.

    We also practice domestic discipline, which includes spanking and different punishments for poor behavior at times. A few weeks ago she was due for a punishment, in this case it was about her not swearing. I don't like my woman swearing, unless its during sex. I generally find it disgusting when women have a sailors mouth... what a turn off. This is something that I've had to address with her too many times, and even though overall she is a good woman and doesn't quite have a sailors mouth.. I had to get her to stop.

    I decided to raise the bar on her punishment, and I took her to the bedroom and made her undress. I had her lay on her stomach at the end of the bed so I could stand behind her. I lubed my dick, held her down so she couldn't move and brutally fucked her in the ass. She cried with her face muffled in the sheets, but eventually stopped making loud noise even though she didn't like it. I got closer on her, so that I could wrap my arm around her neck while I fucked her. Most of my weight was on her as my stomach pressed into her back. At this point, I had her in a full prone bone position while in a head lock. Usually I would go slow or not be so forceful right away, but this was in fact a punishment. I continued to smash her from behind, giving full powered thrusts to her ass.

    She eventually shut down, as she was fully dominated and accepted it. I could feel myself getting close, so I squeezed the last thrust deep as I could and exploded in her. I rode the wave of my "aftershock" ejaculations as I rested still on top of her. After things mellowed down, I pulled out of her and sat her up on the bed. She was defeated. You could completely see that in her face.

    She is my wife, and as part of domestic discipline this was out of love, and holding her accountable for her behavior. I embraced and caressed her as she lay her head on my chest... ran my fingers through her hair. I followed up with reassurance.. told her that she took her punishment well, and let her know that I care for her, and even though it was hard she is now forgiven and provided she doesn't continue to swear we will move past this. She agreed, we hugged and made out for a min.. She went to the bathroom to fart out the cum in the toilet, and then to the kitchen to prepare dinner. She had been humbled... I felt, and still feel so good after doing this. The past few weeks, we have been a lot closer. What some would demonize me for, has actually strengthened our bond.

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    You are a true man....

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