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    Straight Male / 43

    I work in a factory and have for a few years. The pay is O.K. but not spectacular though it has recently gotten better, for me at least. I seems that years of kissing up to the boss has finally paid off with a promotion. Now over the years I have had trouble with many of my co-workers. I won't go into details but I think everyone reading this has at least one and perhaps more than one co-worker who is an asshole and needs to be fired but for some reason the boss won't fire them.

    So I found out that with my new position comes a little bit of power. While technically I can't fire anyone, I can document what they do and don't do and if I do that just right I can clean house and get rid of anyone I don't like. I found it works very well. I also took a page from Trump's play book and so I just make stuff up and combine it with just enough truth that the boss swallows it hook line and sinker. I have gotten the boss to fire 13 people in the last two months. I only have one more to go, my boss. OK he's not really that bad, after all he did promote me. But I want his job and I now I can do it better than he does.

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    Funny you don't have any friends, why is that? You tragic, miserable POS
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    Maybe if you werent a dick your co-workers might like you.
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    Trumps playbook eh? Obviously you're a leftist living in your own little miserable world getting people you don't like fired. This is very indicative of the Democrat party; talk like us and think like us or you will be destroyed. Real nice. I hope one of those people you got fired kicks your teeth in.
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    You cannot be more conservative than I am and, to me, Trump is the biggest bag of
    human excrement I have ever seen. If you think he's Republican you need a new brain installed. He might not be leftist or liberal but he's not Republican and he has just about destroyed the GOP.
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    Co-workers like you are what makes a good job bad and a bad job worse.
    You're a first class sack of shit.

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