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    In my former job I traveled to Porto Alegre Brazil three or four times a year. I had a cab driver there who I got in with and told him I liked men and I needed his help to hook me up. He was my first in Brazil, he was so good. And through him I met several other men who liked being together. Brazilian men are very affectionate, they like skin and hugging and kissing and sucking and fucking. Not like Americans who just want to get to the act and get it over with. The men my cab driver friend brought to the room were like him, working class who wanted to have fun, and free beer or a drink, some stuff to nibble on and a naked get together was enough.

    We had foursomes, that was the magic number, I rented a room with two double beds and we spent the evening together. In Brazil you can get Viagra off the shelf and my friend made sure there as a good supply of Viagra and we could stay up for a good long time, even after we ejaculated, we could keep a hard on. But it wasn't only about the hard on, it was about getting naked, about laying on the bed and being rubbed down, feeling a man on your back humping your crack, about kissing and jerking off together. And the best part it was a party, no one got paid for it.

    I miss those parties, I have not been able to get anything similar going here. Like I said, Americans are in it for the moment, the specific act and then it is get the hell out of there. Not much for all nighter parties.

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    I enjoy going to Brazil. I'm into Tranny's, literally! Of course in most cases I have to pay for a date, which I don't mind. I have been to Brazil enough, I know the T-girls that are more than worth the money.

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