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    I got drunk, real drunk and had a threeway with my husband and a guy we barely know after a party. Somewhat we had shared this as a fantasy only only thing in years past but I let it happen. And it was fun and i liked it now but now I feel freaked out. We are acting like it didnt happen. But I so bad want to talk with my husband about it and see if he wants to just fantasize more or talk about the details.

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    Do not worry at all.
    You just did something awesome that most women never will but wish they could deep down.

    If he's not talking about it, I'll lay odds your husband probably is secretly thrilled and doesn't want to say something stupid that might upset you.

    You've already done what many women never do. You've owned up to it.
    In our present culture, guys who love their women will leave it totally up to them.

    I'll tell you a story.
    When we met, my last wife was a florist who danced at an all-nude club on the weekends.
    She kept dancing even after we got married.
    She was really good at it and it turned me on to go down to the club and watch her.

    We talked about the same thing you and your husband did.
    She said that she'd done it before many times and some with more than two.
    She loved it. It was fucking hot when it was done right.

    But the guys involved treated her like a piece of meat and that pissed her off.
    Her mantra was that in any group situation, if the men will just let the woman decide what they want to do and with whom, let the women be aggressive and creative and be comfortable doing so, then everyone in the end is more than satisfied.

    We started doing a 3-some with my best friend soon after and, per what she said, it worked wonderfully. Whenever she wanted to, we'd be right there. And as a result, whenever one of us wanted to, she didn't say no. She knew she'd be treated well, be satisfied, and have fun. Best sex I've ever had in my life. And it went on for years.

    One thing I know. You can't go back. The genie is out of the bottle.
    So talk to your husband. Don't be nervous or freaked out.
    It's zall good because it's new and it is EXCITING !

    Tell him you liked it and you want more. A lot more and on a regular basis.
    It will improve your own sex life with him, improve your self-image as a sexual woman,
    and be a positive and thrilling new thing in your life.
    When you tell him, I also recommend that you do so in a robe or nightie or towel wrap or just walk up to him naked.

    Reason I say that is because it will make you pretty hot and you need to seal the deal with him with some pussy. He's doing this for you, so you kinda gotta take care of the guy because it is a little scary for him to share you.

    Your Marriage is between you two. Tradition and culture should not dictate ALL the things in your marriage even though it tries. It is YOUR marriage. You can form it into anything you want together. You two decide what you want it to contain.

    Hope it works out for you. We sure enjoyed it. Come back and share what transpires. I would be interested to know. If you do not feel like posting it, you can email me at [email protected]@g***l.**m. My name is Doug

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    Don't worry just be patient and wait for him to get hory again. Then let him know how much you liked it.
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    Like me dear departed father used to say ; "you're a lot o' chit.". Look, scumbag, pull yourself & your freaking emotions together & quit this foolish addiction you broads have for TALKING. You're never on the same page anyhow due to all the emotional crap. Again, as me dear departed father used to say ; straighten up!!

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