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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I have always been bi-curious. When I was 12 I started stealing and wearing my mom's lingerie. She had a pair of black silt thongs with pink bows on the hips that were my favorite. I used to wait until she would wear them and steal them out of her laundry hamper, I loved to sniff them and masturbate. Then one day she caught me wearing them when she came home early from work.

    Luckily she was cool and explained that this curiosity was normal and she would support me no matter what. The next day when I came home from school she had bought me several pairs of women's panties and stockings, with a note explaining that now I had my own stuff to wear. And once a week I would find a pair of her dirty panties on my bed.

    Pretty soon afterwards I was wearing them to school, hoping some other guy would notice and maybe it would draw in someone to experiment with. It finally did my sophomore year. The freshman that lived next door came over one day to chill and I bent over and he saw the top of my thongs. He asked if I was wearing panties and I admitted I was. Come to find out he had been doing the same thing I had, stealing and wearing his mom's underwear... I told him I was bi-curious and had been doing this for years. He smiled and said he would be right back.

    He returned several minutes later with a gay porn on DVD and handed it to me. Borrow this tonight and let's talk tomorrow. I watched the DVD that night and for the first time fingered my ass. I loved it!!! The next day the kid next door came over and asked what I thought about it. I told him how hot it made me. Me too, he said, and closed my bedroom door. "Let's try it" he said slipping off his gym shorts to reveal a pair of red silk g string panties, barely concealing a rock hard 6 inches. I gazed him up and down, he had a nice body and was clean shaven, and my cock got hard pulling the panties and wedging them deeper between my ass cheeks...

    "Ok" I replied taking off my jeans and shirt. "Will you dominate me?"I asked. "I want to be a bottom for the first time" he agreed and I dropped to my knees in front of him. Pulling his panties aside and taking his cock and guiding it into my mouth. I began to Bob my head up and down as he moaned.. I reached behind him and pulled the g string out of his ass and began to massage his asshole.. I could feel his cock stiffen even more as I did this. After a minute or 2 he pushed my head off of his cock and pulled me to my feet, bent me over the bed and began to eat my asshole... I began to moan uncotrollably, "eat my stinky ass I begged, while I began to rub my dick through my thongs.

    Then we moved to the bed, I got on my hands and knees in front of him and spreed my ass cheeks to expose my tight virgin asshole. As I did this I noticed the pair of dirty thongs my mom had left for me next to my pillow. I wrapped them around my head so I could smell the ass on her thongs. He mounted me from behind and began to work his cock inside me.

    It took a few minutes for him to get all the way inside, it hurt but felt so good at the same time. He began to slowly fuck me, I began to moan as he slid in and out and I started to gape. Mmmm, I began to moan as I felt him start to push in harder, I put my face on the mattress so I could hold my cheeks open for him,

    "Fuck my tight little asshole baby" I begged "make me your little butt slut" I commanded him. He began to fuck me harder. "You like fucking my tight little shitter with that big cock?" I asked. "Oh yeah, he moaned "be my little butt slut" he replied.
    I began to sniff those dirty things harder, the sweet smell of ass in my nose making me so hot.

    He pulled out of me and took my panties off of me and pulled me on top of him."Ride my cock he commanded and held his dick up for me to sit on. As I began to bounce up and down on him he took my cock in his and and began to Jack me off while I rode him. "Fuck my stinky asshole" I begged him. "I want you to blow your load in my poop chute" I begged. " I want you to fuck me first he" said.
    "Let me eat your asshole first" I asked. "I love the smell of a stinky asshole, it turns me on so bad. He got on his hands and knees and I pulled his thong aside. His tight little asshole was perfect, I began to lick it and gently stick my tongue in and out of it. He began to moan, I reached around and began to tug his cock as well. He began to moan harder. At this point I could t take it anymore. I spread his cheeks and began to rub my cock on his asshole.

    I had never been so turned on in my life, I began to push my cock inside his virgin asshole he moaned a little and began to push back against me. His tight little stink hole gripping my cock. It felt amazing. I began to stroke his cock from behind. He began to gape as I jerked him and fucked him harder. "Your asshole feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock" I moaned. You are gonna make me cum so hard." Then I felt him shoot his load in his panties and that made me shoot mine .

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