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    Lesbian Female / 28

    I am going through the biggest test of my life. She is fifteen and I am twenty eight, she is my student and I am in love with her. I am her favorite teacher and she comes home with me every day after school until her mother comes to pick her up. I also sit for her overnight if her mother goes out on a date. I love her in so many ways and I have intimate feelings for her. I keep all this to myself and give her all my love and I am very careful with showing my intimate feelings. I am not public about my orientation for obvious reasons that I am an educator.

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    Don't worry queer. Fortunately for you we live in despicable, accepting times. Beyond dispute, what should occur in the best interest of all is when your behavioral disease is discovered, the school should fire your queer ass & send you packing however due to liberalism & its depravity, society will permit your perverted behavior and your job to continue.
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    #1 respondent. You need help both psychologically and spiritually. Right now you can
    count yourself as a prima-fascia nut-case.

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