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    Lesbian Female / 44

    Going into my early twenties post college I had never been in a relationship of any kind, some casual friends but that was it. I was socially uncomfortable and had never been felt up much less had sex. At work I had to share an office with this guy. Typical nerd guy, glasses and he wore the same shoes every single day. But you talk to someone everyday and you forget they are nerds and you obviously never question that you may be a nerd too. We would bring our lunch and we ate in our office so basically I had lunch with him every day. One of those days he was overtired and I asked what he had done the night before and he told me that two of his college friends were in town and they had ended up at a strip joint until two in the morning.

    This feeling, this curiosity went over me and I started to ask him about the strip joint, to tell me the real truth about what went on in there. What kind of girls were they? Did they really wear G-strings or was that a movie thing? To tell me about their breasts, were they natural or did they all have boob jobs? Would I make it in a strip joint, did I have big enough boobs. My panties were wet as he described this girl and that girl and her boobs in their faces and bending over and putting their butt cheeks up against their face and describing how their thong held in their woman parts and how you could tell if they had just shaved because of the stubble on their thighs.

    I begged him, begged him to take me to a strip joint, I had to see for myself. We went on a Thursday night because he had plans that Friday. We went to this strip joint out by the airport. He had never been there but it was far away from anyone we could possibly know. It was dark inside and he told the bouncer that he was proving to me that it was only to see and no touching was allowed. He called this girl over, who knows how old she was and she wasn't even pretty and he paid her twenty bucks and told her to give me a lap dance and that I liked boobs so to make me want her boobs. He paid several other girls to come over, they all had different types of boobs, and some were obviously fake and others were not. I had a couple who gave me ass and he told me to look up between their legs because the fun part was seeing if you could see any pink in there. After a couple of hundred bucks we left and went to IHOP.

    It was my first time that I remember being hot, like hot, wet all over and I couldn't stop talking about the girls. He took me to all kinds of strip joints, mostly low blue collar strip joints, but to a couple of gentlemen clubs with expensive drinks. He let me pick the girls and I would tell him what I wanted and he would pay them to table dance for me. We split the bill. We found a place where you could have private dance behind some curtains in a booth. I had the girls in the private booth sit on my lap and they let me put my face in their boobs. I couldn't touch. We almost always tried to pick girls who didn't have boob jobs. And one girl who was nice and all told me that I could suck her tittie any time I wanted.

    I was masturbating all the time, my friend bought me magazines like Playboy and Hustler and he would sit beside me and we would go through every picture looking at the girls and I would describe to him which ones I liked. I preferred Hustler because the girls were more natural and you also got pictures of their pussy. And one night he told me that we were going to go out to dinner first because he was hungry and we would go back to this club near the airport. At the restaurant we ran into the girl from the club who told me I could suck her tittie. He had set it up and she sat with us, we sat in a booth and he told me she was going to come with us and she was going to give me a private show.

    We went back to my place and he left us alone. She danced for me, this time a real strip dance because she got undressed in front of me until she was standing there in ordinary underwear rubbing her pussy and asking me how hot I wanted her. She rubbed her pussy until she was obviously wet and pulled my face into her and told me to suck her panties. I was hot inside, wet and trembling as I sucked on her panties and she ran her hands through my hair. She pulled my head up and told me it was time for a tittie party but that she wanted my titties first. She helped me get naked and she took off her panties and bra and let me suck on her tittie just like she had promised and she sucked on my titties and she asked for a bed and we ate pussy and grabbed ass and tittie and she kissed me and gave me an orgasm. She sat on the bed and using her fingers she gave herself an orgasm while I watched.

    Yes she was a whore, she got paid for it. My friend, he paid for it, five hundred bucks for a girl, for a whore to give me my first time. The bad news was that she was a whore and I am not. I went to see her dance, and I always give her a big tip. She wouldn't see me outside of the club unless she got paid and you can't afford to pay five hundred bucks every time that you wanted to have sex. She told me that she was one hundred percent lesbian, she admitted that to me. I found out that I was also a lesbian, but instead of falling for some secretary at the office I fell in love with a stripper. It is a long ago, more than twenty years ago now, but deep down inside I am still in love with her, or the memory of her, I don't want to think about what she looks like now. I have remained friends with my coworker and facilitator of my early discovery days. We don't do strip joints any more, I have a girlfriend and she strips for me but she doesn't like him to watch. It is always a private party and all he gets is a vivid description of it, which gets me hornier faster than anything else will.

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    Did you ever let your coworker have a piece as a Thank You for buying you the stripper for the evening? Blow job? Lap dance with feels?

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