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    Its been a few months ago when things got intimate with a guy I work with. He is 40 years old and I still can't believe how I let him control me during the sex we have. He is overly dominant but I let him basically abuse my body. It progressed slowly at first but then he began spanking me and without asking began having anal sex with me. When he does these things he has me so aroused I never try to stop him from doing whatever he wants. He has tied me down and blindfolded me and has used sex toys to satisfy me that I never saw or heard of. Its like I'm in a trance and am so aroused the ways I am being stimulated I never object or say no to him. He uses strange looking vibrators both vaginally and anally making me shiver with chills. When he blindfolds me as I'm tied up he first gives me oral sex then I never know what he will do. I'm so turned on by the oral sex he arranges my body in such positions I can't imagine how I am so overwhelmingly aroused. He torments my vagina and rectum to the point where I have mega orgasms. When he has me give him a blow job he's the only guy I ever had sex with who ejaculates in my mouth. I never tasted semen before but still never say anything or tell him not to do that. When he has anal sex with me its usually after he takes the vibrator out and right away rams his penis into me. At times its painful but I still never deny him from doing it. I have sex with him at least twice a week and he controls it in every way possible. As much as I think he is taking advantage of me I continue to let him have domination over me. I am having sex in ways and positions I never thought about and certainly never experienced before. I feel abused at times but continuously orgasm as he does all this to me. In some ways I feel humiliated but never once have I ever complained about anything. A few of my friends have met him but I dare not tell them about the way we have sex. I know he is divorced and can only imagine how he must have had sex with his wife for 4 years and think maybe she wasn't willing to be controlled. I can't say I don't like it because I have never been more sexually satisfied as I am with him.

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