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    Straight Female / 44

    The first year I attended college I took a job with an accountant who had a small business and needed an office worker part time. I also was majoring in accounting so the work experience was a good fit. The man I worked for was in his mid 30’s, married with 3 young children at the time. I became good friends with the family and often babysit the children. One day while playing with the children I ask his wife if they were going to have another child. She explained that her husband had gotten a vasectomy. Surprising to me he started flirting with me more and more often. I had never had a boyfriend and I wasn’t experienced at playing him off. One day at the office he made the big move and I let him take my virginity. This relationship really disturbed me and I almost quit working for him. I soon learned to enjoy the opportunity of having the sex without the worry of pregnancy. I worked for him 5 years till he took a much better paying situation with a large company. He and his family soon moved away. I got my master in accounting and finally got married. Funny thing my husband was a virgin when we started dating. It took years to even compare to my first lover. My husband couldn’t compare to the experience I got from an experienced lover. All women must admit that feeling a man climax inside of them is the best finish to sex. My husband has a bigger penis than my lover, but the licking, sucking, and fondling and knowing when to do what made sex great with my lover. I keep in touch with my former lover and his family. I never told my husband about my sex with my boss and he has never questioned how I knew about sex before we became intimate. I use the fling as arousal when I daydream. I have had more orgasms on office carpet then probably anyone ever.

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    I almost fell asleep reading this bullshit ... twice

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