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    Gay Male / 38

    In the middle of my senior year of high school my parents got divorced and I moved with my father into an apartment, which meant that I had to change high schools. In the apartment complex lived a kid that was also a senior and he had a car and he offered to give me a ride to and from school in return for gas money. He and I became friends.

    We were out one night and we didn't know what to do so we stopped in the parking lot of this gas station to strategize our next move. We didn't know of any parties, we didn't really have any money, and we were bored, so we sat there and talked. A man came up to the window and said he had seen us here since he had stopped for gas and wanted to know if we had car trouble. We said no, we were bored and we didn't have a party so we ended up there talking. He was quiet for a minute and said that he was on his way to a party and maybe we could follow him, he was sure there wasn't going to be any problem if he brought us in.

    This was a homosexual party, men with men. To us older men, suits and ties and young guys being kissed by the older men. The man who took us there introduced us to the man that owned the house and he asked a bunch of questions and told us that we could stay but this was a private party and he didn't want any problems. After a few minutes this man came over to me and started talking and touching my pants and the owner of the house saw what was going on and came over and told me that to stay we had to play. The man kissed me and grabbed my cock in my pants and told me he wanted to get going with me because he had to leave early and get home.

    He sat me on the couch, there was another man with a young guy and they were making out and they were holding each other's cocks and the man started to kiss me again and getting my pants open and zipper down and he took my cock in his hand and sucked it for a long time. I could see the young guy next to me, the man has pushed his pants down and he was getting put into the position to get fucked and then I realized that the man that was kissing me had gotten his pants open and he wanted me to hold his cock and suck him. He had my cock in his hand and he helped me get my head down and I put his cock in my mouth and sucked him. But I wanted to watch the other guy get fucked so I raised my head and held on to his cock and watched as the old man fucked the guy next to us on the couch.

    He noticed me and said that he hadn't thought he had enough time, but if I wanted to play like that then we could go to one of the rooms and fuck. With our pants in our hands we walked back to a room and he told me to get on my stomach and he put a pillow under my hips and dropped a lot of spit on my butt and massaged my hole and fucked me.

    That was my night of initiation. I got the urge once I was there, I don't much recall ever having had the urge before, but I was young at the time. My friend wasn't so interested and he had set himself off to one side and basically watched. When I came out of the room he mentioned that he didn't think I liked that sort of thing and I told him I didn't know that I liked it, but I did.

    My friend didn't want to go again, but he had the car and for me to go I had to convince him to drive. He got his cock sucked and I sucked his cock in the car. He watched for the longest time until this one man got him interested and he got fucked. He blamed me, he kept repeating to me that he wasn't a homo and it was my fault. But he never pushed me away when I wanted to suck his cock. He fucked me because I asked, he fucked better than the men at the parties, he fucked me and he was angry that he was fucking me. We went to the parties, they were held at different houses and even though we were by then known faces, we still had to go through this interrogation at the door. We were young and we didn't realize that they were pretty scared that one day the cops were going to bust them.

    I liked this one man, I liked sucking his cock and kissing with him. He wasn't hard, not in that way, but he was very masculine and when he held my cock he held it with a firm hand. I guess with him it was more like making love because he liked to get on the bed and get all our clothes off and suck and make out before fucking. He also brought KY with him and that made it easier and slippery when we fucked. My friend and I, we fucked in my apartment because my father didn't come from work until six thirty.

    To this day he accuses me of turning him homo. He doesn't like being gay, he cruises gay bars and picks up young guys because he says his urges make him do it. I have never heard him say he likes it and he doesn't like going to gay parties and when he does he stands in the corner and watches.

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