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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I am a 28 year old white male, fairly fit, I’m short at 5’10 but I’m very proud of my large thick 8 inch cock. My girlfriend is a incredibly sexy black woman, she’s definitely a bbw but her tits are enormous double F-cup. The sex is incredible but she’s always tapped out when I’m still hard. I love to make her squeal suck and squirt on my big white cock but I wish she had more desire for sex. I know her guy friends want to fuck her giant tits and ass now that we are dating but I know they have no chance, her sexual appitite is only big enough for my cock losers.

    My two best friends are lesbians and my gf trusts them completely since we both thought they were gay. Today something interesting happened though. My two lesbian friends told me that in the past they had sought out a guy to dick them down. They found out from my gf that I have a big cock and while I was alone with them they asked me to show it to them.

    Without a second thought I whipped out my already hardening cock. and the more butch of the two grabbed me in her hand and started jerking me slowly while her GF watched.

    I was moaning like a little bitch omg

    She kept jerking me until I shot my load into her hand. It didn’t go any further... yet.

    I know that if I did my gf would never suspect a thing. What should I do? One of them is butch and black but I think it would be fun to stretch her right lesbian pussy out. The other is Latina with a fantastic body. Im so tempted to feed these two naughty lesbians my cum.

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    Shit dude, that’s hot. Maybe see if they would fuck your gf?
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    No the world doesn’t need anymore dumb asses
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    If I were you, tell your girlfriend and make it clear that she instigated it by telling them about the size of your dick. It is better to ask for forgiveness than beg for a second chance, unless she is just a piece of ass as well. In which case, why would it matter to you if you hurt her? A man such as yourself tends to think with his dick withour regard of consequences.
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    So last night I told her about what happened and my gf didn’t care. She’s apparently had a lot of bisexual experiences in college and is down to fuck them/watch me fuck them. I think I’m in love w this woman. She’s as turned on as I am about the idea of dominating these two lesbians.

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