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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    After I graduated from college with a Masters in Political Science I found out that I couldn't get a job that paid hardly anything and they were part time without benefits. I went to work in a call center that at least had insurance but the pay was bad. And, there were like no guys working there. I spent my day answering calls, reading off the screen giving advise that someone else had written down and eating at my desk. No one paid attention to me. I overheard that there was a birthday party for one of the girls and they were going to celebrate after work. I guess I lost my composure and asked why I wasn't invited and I was told that they didn't think I would like to go, I wasn't really one of them.

    I did not understand and the girl I was talking to, the one that told me I wasn't one of them, asked me if I had ever held a boob in my hand and sucked a nipple or two. If I had ever had a girl's fingers in my c**t, other than my own. Did I suck cock? Did I let cocks in my pussy. And then she said let me show you and she took my head in her hand and kissed me and grabbed my boob and told me I could come but I was warned. She let me go and said "honey, I don't know who hired you, but this is a closed club".

    She took me to the party. She told me upfront that I was going to be the only one. That if I had a problem with girls grabbing pussy or girls making out I shouldn't go because these parties got hot and raunchy and all the girls got a chance at kissing the birthday girl. She kept me under her wing, introduced me to several of the other women that were there that didn't work at the office, she introduced me as her honey and hands off. During the party she grabbed me a couple of times and kissed me on the mouth. She told me she was hot now and she wanted to fuck me. I held onto her hand and when all the women lined up to kiss the birthday girl she put me in line too. She told me to kiss her, to make it count.

    We didn't leave until late. She gave me a choice, go home with her or go back to my apartment, but she wanted me to go home with her. She wasn't slow on what she wanted, she got me to take all of my clothes off and she ran her hands all over my body and spent several minutes touching me down there. She took my hands and put my fingers on her c**t, she called it c**t, everything was c**t this and c**t that. She said "let me eat your c**t". We sucked boobs, and she spent quite a long time kissing me while she played with my boobs. She kept asking me how hot I was, was I wishing that I had a cock to fuck me, did I want to eat her c**t.

    She got a bit frustrated and said she wanted me to try. It was easy to just let her do everything, but she wanted me to at least try. She gave me a long kiss and guided my head down between her legs and asked me to just make her feel good. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it wasn't easy either. Something took over inside of me and all of a sudden her smell got to me and I ate her and found her clit and sucked on her and she went into an orgasm.

    We slept together in her big bed and she got us up to take a shower and get dressed. She loaned me top and underwear and I wore the same pants to work. She told me that I was definitely not one of them, but I was definitely girlfriend material for her and to think about it. I guess you can say we dated, certainly we went out together a lot after work and on weekends, and she did have me stay over with her. I learned, mostly I learned to let her and at times I got a rush and wanted to grab her and eat her which she was always ready for. For those many months I didn't think about guys at all, I never saw a guy I thought was boyfriend material, I hardly had any male conversations. For those many months I was all in.

    I can't breakup with her. I don't want to breakup with her. She is exclusively seeing me, and she wants me to move in. She tells me she is OK with me seeing a guy, if nothing else to prove to myself that my place is with her and not some guy. But I don't want to see a guy, I have no desire to see a guy. I quit my job with her and I am currently working for a city council candidate partime, no benefits. She goes with me to the political rallies and she goes with me to the parties. Nothing like the birthday party she took me to, these are all hard core political types but I am not the only one with a girl following me around. She is not political, she is more into the performing arts and music, and I am not into her crowd of macho lesbians on the hunt. I go to listen to her bands, and she comes with me to listen to the politician's give their message. I don't think we are compatible socially, but she has me as her honey and I guess I have her as my honey and we are making a go of it.

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    I highly suspect this story to be utter bullshit , it is as believable as the Easter bunny.
    I would hazard a guess that a fat sweaty slob in a basement sat on a couch all day eating hamburgers and drinking coke wrote this garbage. Many thanks.

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