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    Straight Female / 28

    This isn't about sex. Sorry.

    When I was nineteen I was in a car wreck. One person died, one person walked away with nothing and I spent a year recovering. For a long time I couldn't walk or move. I had to have someone wipe my butt, change my diaper. In the hospital it was a nurse, someone you don't know. But at home it was my mom or my younger sister. Grown people pooping is not something you want to deal with. Or having your period, even peeing is bad news. My mother did it but mostly she made my little sister do it, who was seventeen at the time. I know my sister is forever psychologically hurt.

    You have to get used to having your private exposed to the air in a room while someone wipes you clean, to be naked while someone bathes you. I spent a lot of time naked because it was so difficult to put a gown on me. My sister sat with me so that I wasn't alone. After school she came into my room to do her homework and sit with me. When I got to the point that I could use a bed pan I still had to have my butt wiped. When I got to the point that I could be walked to the toilet I still had to have my butt wiped. My sister never complained.

    One year of being taken care of. I was able to walk with crutches after one year. I walk with a cane. My sister is my best friend, she is with me all the time, even now that we are much older and the accident is in the past. My sister takes care of me, if we are at the house or she is with me she is always looking out after me. She watches and makes sure that I don't trip or if I have to go down stairs or a curb she holds my hand and helps me.

    I don't know how she does it, how she can be so calm all the time. My accident took away my youth, my face and my ability to walk. The other girl died so I don't complain. The driver walked away, nothing. I don't speak to him because I can't. I don't want to see him. When I look in the mirror I still see who I was when I was a nineteen year old college girl, not the face I have now. Yes, they did wonders, but it is not my face.

    I tend to get into self misery, but really what I want to say is that my little sister has been my guardian angel.

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    A touching story. I praise your sister and you can tell her so. Iâm also glad you got the help you needed and hope you live well

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