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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Got game and left my number on the wall of a toilet block got several text messages just saying hi .I text a reply and have met with two we have mutualy sucked each other off I want to be fucked but its hard to find a place

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    What a good idea.
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    I have the same ideas but ever since I was 12 or so I have enjoyed getting fucked. I am very straight masculine married man and only one person knows how much I enjoy a long fat hard dick pounding my hot asshole.
    I am 55 also and my best friend and I have a hunting lease together and there is a nice cabin built on the property. No one not even our Wives suspect any thing. He is my age very masculine and most of all he has the thickest 9.5" cut Mexican dick ever and sometimes we like to 69 and cum in each others mouths but mostly I like doing what ever he wants me to do. I am very manly muscular build but when he and I are alone I really get off being very submissive for him and letting him use me how ever he likes gets me off and I really like rough sex and bondage verbal abuse and being r**ed. He likes fucking me outdoors often and I like it too.
    His favorite porn is all male gang bangs and has always talks about me getting gang banged by a large group of men with huge dicks and he wants to film it. In the cabin he likes to tie me up often and abuse my mouth and ass and most of the time I have a lot of cum dripping out of my asshole and he gets off watching me fuck my toy collection while he fucks my throat.
    His dick is huge very hard and he shoots the hottest biggest thick loads and I like them deep in my ass or blasting down my throat while I am gagging with his huge brown nuts pressed to my chin. We fuck like crazy and it is normal for him to wake me in the middle of the night and fuck me up the ass.
    When we are drinking the sky is the limit and I have done some things with him when we get drunk that I could not do sober. More than once when we get very drunk he will fuck me dog style out in the front of the cabin and he will hold his piss for a very long time then when he is fucking me he will piss deep in my ass and it runs out on the ground with his huge dick balls deep in my hot white ass.
    I like getting fucked in front of a big mirror and watching his huge brown dick fuck my white asshole and his huge nuts slapping against my ass. My favorite is getting r**ed by him and being pounded very hard for a very long time with me face down and him holding my legs open with his legs while he talks dirty to me and makes me scream from being fucked so hard and deep and he will cum two times when we do it this way.
    I have even wore panties and other things for him and he knows the rougher and more dominant he is the better I like it and he could never fuck me enough or put enough of tat thick hot cum deep in my ass. I want to be DPed by two big dicks but so far we have only done this with my toys and his big dick. I would like to be fucked by two big dicks in my ass at the same time and feel both of them cum in me. That would have to feel very good. The sex is very good and when it gets kinky I really like it!!

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