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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Most things are normal in my life except that my next door neighbor, a slightly younger married man, and I
    are grabbing a fuck here and there. We've done it in each other's garage, behind the house, in the space
    between the houses, everywhere there is no financial drain on us. We both love our spouses, have kids, but can't stop the cheating. It feels too good to stop. It might be the cheating itself that has addicted us to it.

    I think of his hard boner sliding in and out of me a lot. We think about it constantly and can't wait to get to it, being turned on even by the plans we hatch to get it on. We also do phone sex a great deal. It's sheer lust. We know we're not alone in this sort of thing but looking at it simply, we are trapped by the hot fucking and know that it can end badly for both of us. Our best warning to you, don't even let it start.

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    How many years slightly younger?

    You get on your knees and empty his balls when there's no time to fuck? Swallow? Enjoy it?
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    I live in the Midwest USA and we have an expression for what you are doing. It's called "shittin too close to the house."
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    Not a surprise that in the Midwest USA people doesn't have toilets.
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    #3 I think you meant: Not a surprise. Midwest USA people DON'T have toilets.

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