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    Straight Female / 24

    I work housekeeping at a hotel where my uniform is a pretty standard maid uniform. Not some tiny french maid costume, but a real maid uniform. Personally, I have a bit of a fetish for maid outfits, and yeah that did factor into my applying for this job. I had hoped that it would be at least a little bit more exciting, but it's actually pretty boring most days.

    I have a few fantasies that I think about every day, that I keep hoping will come true one day at work. For entertainment's sake I'll write the first two out as if you're the one I'm thinking about.

    The first is, I announce myself and you let me in. I'm about to go straight into the routine for taking care of a room when the guest is still in the room, but before I can start I hear the door shut and the lock click behind me. You're moving towards me as I turn around to see what the noise was, and I start backing away. I hit the edge of the bed and you shove me down onto it, then you pin me down. I struggle, but you're too strong. Once I realize I can't get away and stop fighting I'm yours for the taking. I'll do anything. I know you don't care what I want at this point but I'm in a locked room with someone who can easily hurt me, so I'll obey if it means you're less likely to hurt me. Although if hurting me is what you want, I'm not going to risk something worse than what you already have planned.

    Second. You let me in and I begin my routine. You're being really obvious about staring as I clean. I finish my routine and I start walking for the door. You get my attention and tell me my work isn't done. You sit on the edge of the bed and pull your cock out. You tell me to suck it. As I start to walk toward you you stop me and point down. "Crawl," you say. I get down on my hands and knees and crawl to you. I take your cock in my mouth and get to work. Halfway through, you grab my head with both hands and force your cock into my mouth, ignoring my gagging until your cock is down my throat. You use my head like a fleshlight and cum down my throat. Once you let go of my head and your cock is out of my mouth, you order me to wipe your cock clean using my panties and put it back in your pants myself. Once I've done that, you drag me to the door and shove me out into the hallway with my panties in my hand and my face a mess of tears and drool from being face fucked. I still have 10 more rooms to go after yours and the nearest restroom that I can use is down on the ground floor.

    Finally, there's my boss. The owner of the hotel (technically not my "boss", but my bosses boss,) lives on the top floor of the hotel. He's kind of a pig, I've served him before. He treats room service like his personal maid service, which we kind of are but it's not really what we applied for. I know he's slept with room service before, but in like a mistress capacity. I fantasize about him ordering us to wear impractical, skimpy french maid costumes and high heels as our permanent uniforms. I fantasize about myself and the rest of room service being his sex slaves on top of room service at the hotel. We must serve him sexually however he wants, whenever he wants. I fantasize about him fingering me while I hold a tray of wine glasses for him and his guests. I fantasize about him fucking me from behind while I scrub his toilet. I fantasize about him punishing me for taking too long to bring him his champagne by violating me with the empty bottle and ordering me to "apologize" to his guests by sucking them off one by one with the bottle still inside me. I fantasize about him and his guests forcing me to drink a lot, then gang r****g me while I'm too drunk to stand.

    As far as the last one goes, I'd consider my wish fulfilled if he even just groped me, but I don't get assigned to his floor very often even though I've asked.

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    Despite the standard uniform, have you done anything for a guest? Flashed one to see if you could get anything started?
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    Women confuse me. We are raised as men to never even think about doing things like this but so many women have fantasies of fucking the vilest barbarians.

    Ladies please explain the paradox and how we civilized men should deal with it
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    whatever dude... Zzzz...
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    First comment, I haven't really, I've considered it on the rare occasions that I was servicing a room with only one guy that was still there while I was working, but that doesn't happen often and I usually end up chickening out.

    Second comment, I don't know about most women, I know it's not PC or whatever, but I would really just be happier if it wasn't like that, if guys could treat me however without worrying.

    Third comment, ????
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    You "usually" end up chickening out? Were there occasions when you didn't? Have you flashed a visitor and not been noticed? Been noticed, but he didn't act on the hint?

    You called it a standard maid uniform. Dress or pants suit? Does it have potential to be flash friendly? Button or zip top that can be adjusted to show more boobs and bra? If it's a dress type, how high will it ride if you bend at the waist?
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    OP, #5 here. If you want to discuss your fantasy away from the boo-birds my public email is poster46 at outlook dot com.

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