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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    My wife travelled on a bus with two French people going to a market this morning. I'm just recovering from fucking the French families son, who are staying in the next apartment to us. He's called Jean, he's seventeen years old and an effeminate gay lad.
    He first came onto me a couple of nights back as his parents were chatting to my wife in French. He told me he liked muscular older men. Then said he'd suck me off, if we could get away.
    Telling my wife and his mum and dad, we were going to look at old shipwreck close to the shoreline near our apartments, I actually lead him into the scrub land close by.
    Without a pause he sucked in my cock when I dropped my shorts, and wow did the kid suck cock like a pro.
    He was so good and so ravenous sucking on my dick, I only lasted about five minutes. But by then I knew I wanted more. The next day after lunch, we snook off across the beach and I had him blow me behind some huge rocks. Again he was so into it, when I came I flooded his mouth and throat.
    This morning he cornered me, saying he'd love me to fuck him. Waiting until his parents and my wife were boarding the bus, telling his parents I'd look after him round the pool, I invited him into our apartment and we quickly got to it. Sucking in my cock, he spun around and I got to see his spindly cock for the first time.
    It's also the first time I've ever sucked cock as we got into a sixty nine. His cock felt strange at first, but I soon began to enjoy the taste and feel of his little throbbing cock in my mouth.
    Eventually as I was getting that feeling, I stopped him and I had him kneel up in front of me. Bending down I did another first. Gripping his arse cheeks, I pulled them apart and stuck my tongue straight into his delicious arsehole. Devouring his fuck hole I thought about I was going to use as lube. That's when Jean said "please fuck me" in his cute french accent. Getting up I quickly went into the kitchen and returned smothering his arsehole with margarine. Seconds later I put my cock head to his hole and thrust in.
    It was an amazing feeling and I just knew the fuck was going to change my life.
    Hearing the young man moan with absolute pleasure, I found myself fucking him with force, telling him how good his fuck hole felt. Jean reply was "Tu es mon premier".
    The virgin he was, was no more.
    I didn't know until later what he'd said. Even so I sensed a true feeling of enjoyment and real need in him. So I plunged my cock from its head, right down to my balls time after time, and was rewarded with a young seventeen year old French lad cumming like an express train.
    His cum coated the top cover and I could see it in small cum loads everywhere. Leaning over him, I kissed the back of his neck and my cock exploded. Each and every spurt filling his hole making me tell him he was amazing.
    It didn't end there. I was still so turned on, my cock remained hard. Maneuvering us around I had Jean mount my cock and watched as the boy thoroughly enjoyed himself on my cock. His penis remained soft as he fucked himself on my dick, yet he still managed to cum with a milky watery load dripping from his young cock. Once he'd cum, Jean fell forwards and it was then I first kissed another male passionately. His mouth circled mine as we embraced, and I came for a second time.
    Lay together kissing, we only realised the time when my wife text to say they were on the bus back. By the time they got to the apartments, myself and Jean were by the pool, having only just dunked ourselves in.
    I made up something about us viewing the shipwreck and then taking a walk along the shore. My wife said I should show him more of the area in the morning. Jeans mother and father said that would be too much of my time. I responded "It's fine, Jean wants to do some snorkeling".
    Knowing this area and coastline well, I already know where I'll take Jean tomorrow to fuck him all over again. I just hope the weather holds out.

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    Do you not feel guilty you worthless arsehole. Not only are you cheating on your wife but with a man !!!
    You stick your cock in a shitty french ring piece then in your wife ... just own up and move forward, then you can have an arsehole like a clowns pocket in a few years without cheating
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    #1 Fuck off.

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