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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My wife and I were messing around one day and she told me to go clean the kitchen . That was something she normally did and I really didn't want to go sweep and mop and do the dishes and all so I told her NO that it was her job,she is the wife and the wife does the house work.She told me she wasn't going to tell me again and when I di==idnt move she lunged forward and grabbed me and pushed me face down on the couch and before I knew it she had pulled my belt out of the belt loops and had my pants and underwear down around my knees. She got really close to my ear and quietly said "Listen here you little bitch,when I tell you to do something you don't give me any shit,,you jump up and do what I told you to do and then she used my belt on my ass, not stopping until my ass was bright red and I was crying hard.She stopped and told me to get up and do as I was told so I quickly pulled up my clothes and went into the kitchen and didn't stop until it was spotless. The next day she told me she wanted me to clean out the garage , I didn't have my belt on so I thought I was safe but she reached under the pillow on the couch ulled out a plexiglass paddle and like the day before she pulled my pants and undies down and paddled me good and hard. She told me that I better learn to obey her quick because she was going to paddle me every time I miss behaved and one of these times I wouldn't be able to sit afterwards. She asked if I understood and I answered "Yes Maam" then went out to the garage to do what I was told to do. It was several days before she ordered me to do house work but when she did it was to clean the entire house,vacuum,sweep ,mop and all .I asked her if I could do it later that day because I had planned ob going to Bills to watch the game. Well you guessed it,,she paddled my ass even harder this time and when she stopped told me to go to our room,,strip naked and wait there for her.I was still crying when she joined me and she teased me and called me a sissy.She reached into her dresser and pulled out a bag and told me that while I did the house work I was to wear the outfit she bught for me . I pulled the clothes out and started crying again and said I couldn't wear this .then begged her not to make me wear the maids outfit .She laughed and told me I could either put my maids outfit one immediately or she would paddle me toll I did and then I would be hanging the laundry out on the clothes line for the neighbors to see me in my sissy maids outfit..I quickly put the panty hose,,panties,,bra and high heels on ,,finally the black and white satin lace French maids outfit and was about to walk out of the room when she stopped me and put some red lipstick on my lips telling me I looked so cute .She followed me down stairs and told me that from now on she would have house work for me to do and when she told me to do my chores I better go and change into my uniform immediately and get to work. She then asked if I understood or had any complaints and I answered No Maam and want to work . A few hours later my wife told me that I would make a good sissy maid and she was proud of me for doing such a good job. The next day she sat me down in the living room and told me that she decided to make me her sissy maid and told me she picked out Beth as my sissy name.She added that when she told me to I was to change into my maids outfit and was to wear it until she told me I could take it off,I didn't see where that would be a problem and that was when she told me she was having visitors that day and while I was the sissy maid if anyone came to the door I was to answer the door and show them in,,unless I wanted to get the spanking of a life time . My wife has me wearing panties and a bra every day all day and has bought me three more French maids outfits along with shoes and make up and all. She turned me into her obedient sissy maid and is feminizing me more and more every week

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