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    Straight Male / 27

    I'm an accountant hired by a small company to keep their books, which I do twice a month. I come in on a Friday AM and am done by the end of day unless some accident or problem has come up. Company owner, Nigel, has his wife, Kathy, come in and takes us out to dinner at a nice upscale restaurant locate at the top floor of the city's premium hotel. The place is meticulous with large cotton cloths covering the tables and unusual silverware placed carefully in settings.

    Nigel and his wife are in their late 50s but youthful, trim and enjoying fine physical health. I'm in my late 20s, some 30 years younger. Kathy has beautiful blue eyes and even though she's not a "knockout" she has a look about her that is sexy even at that age. After a year of our Friday dinners, always enjoyable.

    I don't quite recall how it began but once, with Nigel sitting right there, I felt Kathy's foot on my leg. She had removed her shoe and was rubbing my leg with her toes. I was at first surprised, then a bit shocked, and as it continued, I got a raging boner for Kathy. Eventually, her foot ran up my leg and worked my crotch. My obvious chubby inspired her to continue. In our most recent Friday encounter, at one point Nigel excused himself for a call from nature and I unzipped to give Kathy's foot full access to my rock-hard cock.

    We continued with a light conversation but I was very hot and sweating. When Nigel returned, Kathy excused herself and while she was gone I casually untied the shoe on my right foot and took the shoe and my sock off, without quite thinking but just moving on impulse. When Kathy returned I began to run my naked foot up her leg and realized she had removed everything under her skirt. I felt her naked thigh with my foot and slowly went for her crotch, finding it unencumbered.

    Kathy began to breath hard and said, "It seems a bit warm in here." Kathy's foot was sliding all over my erection and I finally began to rub her clit with my big toe. We had to take turns doing each other so as not to be obvious that were were foot fucking under the table. A friend of Nigel's came to the table and Nigel excused himself to chat with him at the edge of the large room. It was then that I slid my big toe into Kathy's soaking vagina and I saw her eyes flutter and close. I could feel her coming from my toe fucking and then I slowly removed my foot.

    Kathy wrote a note on a napkin and handed it to me. It said, "private" and listed a phone number, nothing else.
    Without a single word, Kathy and I are now ready to enter a serious affair. She seems totally ageless to me. I left a message with my email address an hour before posting this. My head is spinning.

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    And your toe smells of fish , what an utterly boring load of bullshit this story is. Yawn yawn yawn.
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    Did she send an email? When is the meet? Has she promised specific acts or holes?

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