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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    A small group of us always hang out together around the side of the school building before school and during lunch every day . We just talk about different stuff ,catch up on our homework and such , It has always just been the 7 of us but then one day this girl came walking up and she inserted herself in our little private group without asking or being invited . We didn't want her there but were trying to be polite so we didn't run her off but everyone just pretty much ignored her figuring she would take the hint and stop coming by, It had been about three weeks ad she still came by and one morning I was in a bad mood and she popped off to me about something and I asked her why the hell didn't she travel on and find a different place to hang out because we sure the hell didn't want her here. Everyone got really quiet and she walked up to me and told me I had a mouth on me and needed to be put in my place , When I was running my mouth I was mad and had my adrenaline going but the moment had passed and now I wasn't feeling so tough and when she was standing right infront of me I realized that she was quite a bit bigger than me and now I was afraid she might kick my ass.Unfortunatly she did something a lot worse,, She told me to take my pants and panties off and jack off for all my friends to see . I told her first I wasn't wearing panties and second there was no way I was going to jack off right infront of everyone . For a girl she could fight and was strong as hell,,before I knew it she had beat the hell out of me and then she told me again and one more time I got beat up . My friends didn't know what to do but they did joke about it asking me how many times was I going to get beat up. Tommy said he would have skipped the second beating and already shot his wad but I was stubern and just had to get another beating.Finally I had had enough and with my face bright red I took off my pants and undies and started jacking off .Everyone started laughing at me and calling me names but that girl told me id better not stop before I cum or she would beat me worse plus take my clothes with her. As humiliated as I was at the same time I was so turned on and a few minutes later came harder than I ever have. I thought it was bad but could have been worse and I lived through it and was ready to put it behind me and I did,,,Till the next morning when she made me jack off again,,then again during lunch . When she told me to I just stripped naked and jacked off and eventually everyone still watched but pretty much stayed quiet. Tammy told me one day that I was the bravest boy she knew for doing that every day and she gave me a kiss. Just when I thought she was getting bored with picking on me she came up to me one morning and handed me a pair of pink satin lacy panties and told me to put them on after I finished playing with myaelf. When I went to pick up my underwear so I could take them home she grabbed them and ripped them in two. This was an even bigger double no triple concern. First off I was worried that someone at school would see mu panties and it would get the whole school on me.Second ,I didn't want mom or worse my sister to catch me wearing the panties,,And third,,After almost a week it was obvious that she was going to make me wear panties from then on and eventually mother would notice that I didn't have any underwear to be washed and there were several pairs of panties that she didmt recognize. No matter how I played it out things wernt going to end in my favor

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