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    Straight Male / 49

    My sister baby sat for the Millers down the street and if they need her but she was already sitting for someone else then I got to go in her place.One night they called saying it was an emergency and wondered if my sister was free that night .Mom told Mrs Miller that she wasn't but if they wanted I could come right over and Mrs Miller said the girls would be happy to see me.They had a 4 year okd girl and a six year old and we got along great . I changed clothes and took off for their house and it was just getting dark when I got there. Since it was already dark I didn't see the hold that Mr miller had dug in the front yard and it rained and the hole way half full of mud and when I cut across their front yard I fell right in the hole and was covered from head to tail with mud . Mrs miller made me strip and get in the shower and she said she would put my clothes in the washer and start it and find something for me to wear till my clothes were done. I got out of the shower ad wrapped a towel around my waist and sat waiting on the toilet and finally Mrs Miller returned and she had a weird look on her face and told me she looked everywhere for something that I could wear and unfortunately this was all I could find ,,she handed me a small pile of clothes. I looked at what she had civen me and said there was no way I was wearing a skirt and panties,,everything she handed me was girls clothes . She apologized again and explained that there just wasn't any rhing else .That I should just put them on and I could change back into my clothes when they got done drying . I wasn't happy but knew that there wasn't any other alternative so I thanked her and said I would wear the skirt and blouse .I asked if I was dressing like a girl would she put some makeup on me and she said she would be glad to and even fixed me hair and when she was finished I looked like a real girl. She told me they had to leave but to go take m clothes and put them in the dryer in an hour and what to set it on and before I knew it my clothes would be dry.Unfortunatly I got busy being a girl and forgot all about putting the clothes in the dryer so when it was time to go home my clothes were still wet and I got to walk home dressed like a girl and loved it

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