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    I did something I'm ashamed of, but keep replaying in my mind over and over, leaving me a shaking, red-faced mess after cumming over and over about it. I wasn't raised this way, wasn't abused, didn't even know this was something that deeply aroused me until it happened.

    I watched another woman fuck my husband, and loved every minute of it.

    My husband, I've been with him for over ten years, and he suffers from bouts of severe depression throughout the year. He hasn't been happy for probably seven of our ten years together, and it's so hard to watch that in someone you love. The mood swings, the fragility, the apathy. When he's on, he's great. When he's not, it hurts to be around him. Our sex life has really suffered, but I have toys and am willing to coax it out of him when I can. It wasn't perfect at all, but it was manageable.

    He made a friend, a girl named Kelli, a chubby blonde girl who also had some of the same issues in her past that he's dealing with now. When he mentioned her, I looked at our directory, looked her up. No threat. I'm a brunette who goes to the gym daily and has worked on keeping my body for him and for myself - she's cute, but my polar opposite and he's never even shown the slightest sign that bigger girls were something he might be into from our conversations and who he's actually checked out when he thought I wasn't looking. Always athletic brunettes, just like his mom (she was a track runner and coach). Just like me. So I wasn't worried, and encouraged him to spend time with her and met her several times, both with him and alone for lunches and things like that. Again, no threat.

    His interest in me began to increase, his smile returned over time. The mood swings lessened and pretty much stopped altogether. In just a few months, he was really making progress and stating it was all having Kelli to talk with and understand what he was going through. I had a nagging red flag that "emotional cheating" was going on, but he was so involved with me again I pushed that thought away. I met with her to thank her, took her to lunch one day. She was also kind of becoming a friend of mine, we had each other's numbers, texted sometimes. I thought it odd that she was single, but again wasn't thinking critically about it all so I guess I ignored it.

    About a month ago, I came home early to our little townhouse. He had said he was going home from work early since he was all done for the day and had a bit of a headache, I thought I would surprise him with some home TLC (maybe give him a blowjob or a naked massage, couldn't decide which). I walked in from the back of the house, as usual (front door sticks), quietly opening the kitchen sliding glass door, putting my things on the table, and glance into the living room. And my entire body froze.

    Kelli, naked, on her knees. My husband, blindfolded with his head back. Kelli stroking and sucking my husband's cock. I couldn't move, couldn't think, just stared as this image burned itself into my brain. Her upper thigh tattoo, the red and white polka dotted scarf as a blindfold, her head bobbing up and down and her little curls bouncing rhythmically, his moans of pleasure so clear. I thought I was going to pass out.

    Kelli looks over at me, her eyes go wide, but she puts a finger up to her lips and smiles genuinely. "Hang on baby," she tells him. "I'll be right back." She walks straight up to me and takes my hand with hers, the one that was all over his cock, and gently pulls me toward our living room, quietly up the stairs, up to our bedroom. How we didn't make a sound on those stairs I'll never know.

    "Angela, I love him," she says calmly. "But I'm not trying to break you up, or come between you in any way." I'm experiencing flashes of anger, hurt, confusion. "He's been fucking you more, hasn't he?"

    I nod.

    "That's great. I tell him after each of our little sessions that it's your turn next." Something about that made my pussy throb. I'm realizing at this point she is still naked.

    "How long?" I ask.

    "About two months now."

    "What do I do here?" I ask.

    "I want to ride him, with your permission. I have been keeping it to handies and blowies until I could get to talk to you and ask for permission."

    " ;Has he touched you?"

    "Kissing, some groping. A lot of mutual masturbation."

    My stomach is in knots. "Fuck him," I hear myself say, dazed. "I want to hear you fuck him."

    Kelli gives me a big hug, still naked, and I hear her head downstairs. My hand is already up my skirt, under my panties. I'm soaking wet, shaking, breathing hard. I hear her say something to him, silence, then the sounds of their sex. A jolt runs through my body and I sit down on the floor, my high heels coming off to the sides. I am rubbing my clit hard and fast, hearing her moans, his moans, and their bodies moving together. I can hear from downstairs her wetness, and the slapping of their bodies together. I crawl, aching out of the bedroom, to the top of the stairs, so I can see better. She's riding him, those fat tits bouncing up and down in perfect unison. He's still blindfolded, but his hands are on her generous ass, pulling her up and down on his cock. I have my first orgasm, biting down on my blazer sleeve hard to keep from crying out. Kelli looks up to me and our eyes lock, though my vision is swimming a bit.

    Two orgasms later, many more minutes of her riding him so well, and she stops suddenly, pushing down. She's cumming, and her moans and his join together as they orgasm almost at the same time. I cum as well, and my vision darkens for a moment. When it clears, they are holding each other on the couch. I crawl back to my bedroom, into bed. I'm damp from sweat, my fingers are covered in my juices, my panties are cold where I was so wet. I peel my clothes off and lay across the bed. My pussy is sore at this point.

    I hear Kelli say "let's run to the store, get some nice things for you to cook for Angela tonight. Use the downstairs bathroom, I'll use the upstairs one." I hear her footsteps come up, and a moment later her warm hand on my naked back. She leans over to me and says in my ear, "Thank you. You're not going to regret this." I hear them leave some moments later, and I go downstairs to the couch, sit where he was, and masturbate for another hour. I can smell them, and it makes me crazy.

    This is where we are now. Kelli is fucking my husband. I'm fucking my husband. I don't want to fuck her, but I want her to keep fucking him. He doesn't know that I know, and for some reason that is perfectly okay by me. I'm having orgasms that I didn't think were possible, the kind of stuff you read about. But my goodness I'm ashamed that I like it this much, that it makes me so crazy horny to think about what I saw and that it's still going on. Kelli and I have worked out a system, and even a long term gameplan of when "he's going to tell me."

    I don't want it to stop even when he does finally fess up.

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    If itâs working for you keep t up.
    You need to sneak down one time have her get off him and you climb on.
    That should spice things up, Iâm sure heâd love fucking two hot women.
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    What a long long boring made up pile of shit ...... blah blah
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    Have you sucked her juices off of his dick? Fucked him straight from her place without a clean-up?

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