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    The summer of my graduation I went to France to stay with my grandparents for the summer before starting college. My grandparents were both college professors and they lived close to the university and wanted me to attend the university in France instead of going to school in Virginia. It was summer so it was lazy and there were lots of weekend parties with their college professor friends and one of them had a daughter who had just turned sixteen.

    My grandmother pushed me into having to be her escort at all the parties, she pestered me if I had kissed her yet, telling me that in France girls liked to be paid attention to. One night she asked me how things were going with her and that the girl's mother had reported back that I didn't have any interest in her. The truth was that I was love struck and didn't know what to do. I told my grandmother and told her that I really liked her but I didn't know what to say to her.

    We were at her house and the grownups were all outside talking and she asked me up to her room. The girl kissed me, she laid back on her back pushing her chest out, she let her legs lay open making funny noises and asked me if I had ever made love to a girl. In spite of being tongue tied I said no and she said she had never made love but she wanted to. She asked for a kiss and she helped my hands get on her breast and she reached down between my legs and we were soon making love on her bed.

    The report got back to my grandmother and she asked me if it was true. I confessed to my sin and she said that this was a good summer for me. Over the next days she came to realize that I was love struck on this girl and she tried to convince me that I should be more mature about it, she had a life to live and she still needed to finish her school and I was going back to Virginia to go to college.

    But life isn't like that. I told my grandparents that I wanted to go to the university in France and if I could live with them. Although they would have liked that they knew that it was my feelings for my young lover and suggested that it was better for me to return to the States and go to college and that I might meet a girl there and I would have a good memory, but that they were sure that the young lady didn't have the same feelings as me.

    So I did what I needed to do. I went to her house and asked her father for her hand in marriage. Embarrassing her and her mother, embarrassing my grandparents, but I stuck to my guns and asked her father to give me his daughter because I loved her and I couldn't live without her. I guess I should have told her I loved her first, but never mind that, I asked for her hand.

    With that she was engaged and she was no longer free to meet boys and she had to be more proper. When she turned eighteen and she had finished her baccalaureate studies she was old enough to get married so I went to France to get married. She was Catholic and I had to convert, my grandparents helped with all the formal paperwork for a foreigner to be married in France, and at the end of the summer we got married and I brought my wife back with me to finish college.

    We have lived a good life, she adapted well to the States but on the condition that she would go back to see her parents once a year, taking back one and then two and eventually three kids under tow. We have grandkids now, and she reminds them all that they are French. I took retirement this year and we are using the time to travel a bit and it seems that no matter where we choose to go we fly through Paris and stay for a few days and spend time with her family.

    So I am here to confess that the best summer of my life was that summer before college started and I went abroad and found my wife.

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