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    Straight Female / 37

    I'm married. We have three kids, ages 12, 10 & 7. Most of my married friends have let themselves go. I haven't. After each of my children's births, I managed to work my ass off to get beck in shape. I like to look good. I like to feel sexy. I enjoy the attention of men. My friends sex lives are nonexistent and mine was too even though I tried so hard to stay attractive. My husband is hardly interested. Gone are the days of adventurous hard fucking. Gone are the days when I'd crawl across the floor, rub his dick, get him hard, pull it out and suck him off. Gone are the days when he ask me to suck him when he's driving or when he'd pull off somewhere and just fuck me silly. I tried and tried to get him interested. Nothing worked. He been sticking his dick in me maybe once a month now for years and basically makes himself cum as fast as he can. It's not fun for me. I don't feel attractive. I don't feel sexy. I feel used and frustrated after.

    I met a young guy over three years ago who was drunk at a Christmas party and danced with me. He told me I was the "hottest" woman at the party and asked me to meet him at a hotel. I was flattered and turned on but I said no. Saw him again months later. He asked to talk alone. I thought he was going to apologize but instead he again complimented me. Telling me how sexy I was and saying he wanted to be with me to please me, to make me scream. I was shocked but my pussy was so fucking wet. This guy, who was 20 at the time, was fit, attractive and so confident and he was propositioning me with no self-consciousness at all. I told him I couldn't because I was married. He said he didn't care. He said he would be discrete. I would be his focus, he would take care of me. My marriage wouldn't be affected. I put him off but I wanted to have sex with him.

    A few weeks later, he shows up where I'm getting coffee. Asks to speak with me. I'm instantly horny. It's a school day, no one is at home. I tell him to stop by. I know I shouldn't have invited him the whole ride home. I want him but don't want to cheat. He meets me. In my mind I'm telling myself not to fuck him, to be passive with him. If he does something let him as long as it's not fucking. That's what happened. He tried to seduce me. I passively allowed him to touch me. He massaged my breasts through my shirt, he used his hand on my pussy through my jeans. He made me cum. Multiple times until I had to push his hand away I was so sensitive. He didn't try to make me fuck. He didn't take his dick out although I probably would have sucked him if he had. He kissed me, made me feel so wanted and sexy and then he left after asking me if he could stop by again. I said yes.

    The next time he came by, I snuck into the bathroom to wash my pussy just in case. I wanted him to fuck me so bad but I was still being passive because it was like I wasn't actively cheating. This time we made out, he exposed my breasts and sucked on them, and he used his hand to make me cum multiple times again. And I rubbed his dick through his pants for awhile. It was so hot. I was ready to fuck him if he had pushed it but he didn't.

    Then I didn't see him for awhile. I got to where I would get myself off thinking of him. All along I kept on trying to get my husband interested. Nothing worked. I finally came to the conclusion that my husband would rather watch football than get his dick wet.

    My friend stopped by one day out of the blue. He made me feel wanted. I was desperate to fuck him. Not being passive anymore, I took him to my bedroom. I got on my knees and sucked his dick for a long time. I gave him the blowjob of my life. After he finished, he undressed me, he explored every inch of my body. He ate me out, he fingered me, he made me cum buckets. Then, he slid his dick into me and fucked me. We fucked like we were possessed.

    He's been true to his word. He's been fucking me regularly. He's never done anything but make me feel incredible. He's never been indiscreet or done anything to threaten my marriage. Our family phone plan lets me and my husband locate each other. I always fuck my friend at home and I always know where my husband is. I don't feel guilty anymore. I've decided that I shouldn't be sentenced to a sexless life just because I said "I do" to a man who doesn't want me sexually anymore. I'm going to keep sleeping with my friend until he doesn't want to anymore then I'll wait to see if I meet another man I can trust like I trust this guy.

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    That is so hot! As a married man I would love to find a woman to have a similar relationship with.
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    Try talking to you’re husband and working at you marriage, (family) instead of behaving like a silly cum bucket 3 dollar fuckpig slut.
    How would you feel the other way round.
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    silly faggot! dicks are for chicks.
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    Hey if it's making you feel IK and not threatening your marriage fuck his brains out whenever you get chance! I'm totally jealous of your young friend by the way.

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