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    Gay Male / 31

    In college I took a drawing class. It was an elective and I took it because a friend was taking it. Part of the class was practicing on still life drawings, black and white pencil drawings. At the end of the semester the teacher told us that we would have one last class for a final exam and we would have a live model. The guy who came to model stood naked on this pedestal table and we all had to focus on the fact that it was our final. It was the first time that I really focused on another naked guy. My drawing was out of focus except when it came to his genitals, I spent a lot of time focusing on that.

    I got a C for the class but I also got asked by the professor to come see him. He said he noticed that I had spent too much time on just one part of the subject and we went over my drawing. He asked me if that was my center of interest. He told me to come around to his side of the desk and he pulled up a series of pictures on his computer, drawings of naked men, erotic drawings of naked men, he told me that the phallus had been one of the main subject matters for years, centuries, and that he collected drawings, some were from his students and wanted to know if he could keep mine in his collection. While he talked the drawing on the screen was a man's penis in full erection, laying on his back, he said it was a piece commemorating the Paris piece the Origin of the World.

    We talked for a while, standing there with that drawing on his screen, asking me what I would have done differently, that the drawing was done by one of his students several years ago and he was the subject. He wanted me to study the drawings and he passed me a thumb drive and told me to go home and study them and ask myself how I would have done differently and we could discuss that on another day.

    There were a couple of hundred drawings, and I kept going back to the one he said he was the subject, anatomic drawings of naked men and their phallus. I masturbated to the drawings. When I went back he asked me if I wanted to get better at my chosen expression. My first session was the two of us alone, he lay nude on a couch and I drew him head to foot. The next he stood and the third he told me to focus only on his phallus, he used his hand to get himself semi erect and after sometime he critiqued me and asked for more expression, to imagine myself about to take that phallus in my mouth and savor it, to give it life.

    For sure my drawings were never of the quality of the ones he collected, or the ones of some of his other students. But he had me savor his phallus and to pose for him as he drew me, to use me as a model for some of his other chosen students. Some of his students were in graduate school and others were new like me. He invited me to a party, it was an open robe party, we wore nothing but little open robes that didn't quite reach far enough down to cover us and we had a boy on boy Roman night. Some of the guys that were there were well experienced and some of us were new to the party but in the end everyone was encouraged to get together and enjoy the company.

    Although I had savored the professor, when it came time to savor a graduate student from Honduras I had to take control of myself and just do it. The more I did it the more I liked it and I ended up being his companion for the party. I draw for fun, it is an ice breaker to have a young man pose for me, I am not quality but I do a good enough job to help break the ice. My professor let me keep the thumb drive and I have that collection and others stored away for those nights when I need to be alone with my art form. I share some of my drawings with my old professor and he critiques them and his advise is always the same, think of your subject as you are approaching him and you are about to take him into your mouth, what do you see? Draw that image, the image that is in your head.

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    Wow! The advantages in higher education. I probably would have focused on the model's genitals as well.
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    then you woke up...
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    I call bullshit
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    I studied art in college, fine art. We had many classes where we had to draw nudes. Both male and female. I fell in love with this one model, he was a real introvert, he was fun to draw. He had a way of modeling that told us he was there but not there. I asked him to model for me for piece of work I had to turn in. I sucked him, my first ever, and when I was done he continued to model. He never broke form. He agreed to model for me, not for school, for me. I have a large collection of those drawings, mostly charcoal and most of them would be classified as erotic, they are not stills at all. He posed for me erotically, and I got most of my sketches of his erection by sucking him first. I teach art in high school so I can't really show off my work.

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