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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    Believe me, when I went to college I had never dated, never been in a compromising position, had never seen a real penis, and hardly ever seen a real naked girl. I am an only child and my mother and father were distant, I was born when they were in their late thirties, I was an accident that was not meant to happen. But that said my parents were good to me, if distant and unaffectionate and I got a good education and was surrounded by most things that kids grow up with. Although not rich by any measure my parents were comfortably middle class and respected in the community.

    I was in college one week when I was stripped naked and fucked on a couch and dragged into bed with a guy who kept me there all night and had sex with me again in the morning. The morning sex was totally different from the night before on the couch, we were alone and he went over me from top to bottom, fingered my anus while he ate me out and later while fucking me on my hands and knees decided to fuck me in my butt. I guess he spread the juice off my vagina because he slipped into my ass without any problem, and I felt totally fucked at that point, I held my breath and felt him fuck me back and forth and then he lost his control and his whole body just fell on my back and we fell onto the bed. I could feel his wet dick in the crack of my ass and his body heaving as he breathed on my back. I lay still after a couple of minutes and let him recover until he rolled off and asked me to get something to clean him off. I remember in the morning light his dick was so red and he was so sensitive that he told me to be careful while I cleaned him up. After I cleaned him up he asked for a kiss and then for me to sit there with my shoulders back to see what I looked like.

    I didn't just fall in love, I went guy crazy over him and even though he was into finding girls most of the time he had me in his bed and I wanted to feel everything. One night he asked me if I was up to having another girl join us. This other girl liked me and I had sex with her for a while and sex with him afterwards. I had been at school for six weeks and I was sleeping with a senior and I had kissed, made out and had sex with another girl. I was a pleaser to him, anything he wanted I jumped to do it, the other girl wanted me to do her laundry so I did that too. She and I had similar classes that semester and she came over to rest with me, to get on my bed and take a nap together. I got felt up a lot, kissed and sometimes she made outright love to me telling me to chose between him and her. But she knew I would choose him and she claimed that was totally unfair. She wasn't a homebody at all, she bought me panties to wear so that I knew she was always thinking of me. It took a while for me to come to realize that she was truly in love with me and I started to love her back a little.

    My semester went by fast and I managed to keep my grades up and when we didn't go out together for some reason, my lover girlfriend and I went out alone. At Christmas it was time to choose, spending three weeks at home alone, or I could go spend part of the New Year with her. Her parents were wild in my view, the New Year's party we went to was pretty wild and a man kept hitting on me so we finally just left and went back to her house and we had our own New Year's party side by side. I think it was that night that I really began to feel something for her, I know that I kissed her for real that night and I felt her up for real that night, that night I made love to her and she made love to me. That night when she put her arms around my neck and whispered to me that she loved me I put her face in front of me and kissed her and told her I though I loved her too.

    My life changed that first semester in college, I was never the same again. We had many sleepovers together, he liked being with us although I was the ham in the sandwich, his lover and her lover. I had to work twice as hard keeping them both happy but I was so sexually charged that having sex was something I could do at the drop of a hat. Anywhere, any place, alone or together, boy girl or girl girl, I went to him just as easily as I went to her.

    He graduated and went on to get a job and we stayed and finished our college education together. She and I stayed together, in that sense I think I leaned more towards being with her all day every day than with him, but not when it came to sex, once we were out of school I needed him more than ever and we went back to being a triad, with me in the middle. I like it that way, my girlfriend and I live together and he is our man who comes to visit. Curiously, although there is no sex between them he is like her older brother and they have a different form of affection. I have calmed down a little but not much, I still have a high sex drive and energy. I do have favorite things I do with both, I truly do enjoy anal sex, it is the most intimate sex I have with him, and my intimate moments with her are on weekends when we can shower have breakfast and stay in bed all morning long.

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    This story (fake as fuck) was obviously written by a fat,bald sweaty slob probably 35 years old and a virgin whilst sitting in his bedroom while still living with his parents.

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