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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I have just taken the sheets off the bed in our spare room as my wife left on a business trip yesterday and I will do the laundry...our 19 year old nephew is staying. Mixed up in the sheets was a very cummy little sheer black lace thong...I have just masturbated and ejaculated onto the pouch...and then sucked the pouch and the string. I am going to wash and dry it and leave it neatly folded on his pillow. Next time I ejaculate on that lace I want his sexy young body in it.

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    You sir are a cock sucking weirdo who prays on young bottoms. S8agbh
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    stop being gay dude.
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    I suspect you like drinking cum from old cocks as you where those panties. Pathetic
    Does your wife know you like it up the poo hole ?
    Maybe tell her so she can be with a real man and not a cock sucking queen like yourself.
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    fake and fucking gay and total bullshit all wrapped into one!
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    No doubt the four homophobes 1-4 above will be checking in to see what happened next. What were they doing reading Gay Stories anyway if they are so shocked and disgusted about the thought of two consenting male adults having sex? Your nephew is probably gay or bi, but not necessarily. A lot of men wear lingerie panties and are as str8 as an arrow. Now what to 1-4 above think of that "weird" behaviour???? Oh and here's a thought...I know some homophobes who use their take on it publicly to hide the fact that they are actually gay or bi themselves...
    I am married and bi and have enjoyed men sexually since a week after our wedding. Stuff just happens...we are animals after all. So 1-4 get back in your holes...or your boyfriends hole LOL
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    Hey 5 you are on to I washed the thong and put it on his pillow...he got home at about 7pm. I was in my study. He went up to get changed for dinner. He came down and said nothing about the thong. We had dinner...then he said he was going to bed. I didn't go up for a bit but when I did his door was open his bed lamp was on and he was lying in the thong with the bed covers pulled back. The pouch was bulging beautifully, and there was lube and condoms on his bedside table. He was wearing a fine gold chain around his ankle and one around his slim waist just above the thong. He just smiled and started to rub his bulge. The first time he came it was down my throat. The first time I came I was deep inside him...bare. I left him nude in his bed at 3am...I took the drenched thong to bed and had my fourth ejaculation after masturbating with it in my mouth.
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    Hey man 5 back...fucking delicious...mind how you play it from here...might end in tears...
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    5-6-7 is the same trolling faggot

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